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State Licensure for Genetic Counselors

Many genetic counselors who have successfully obtained licensure in their states continue to work with the GR team and Licensure Subcommittee to provide support and expertise to other genetic counselors pursuing licensure in their states.

Licensure Resources

Licensure Resource Repository

To help support potential, new, and ongoing efforts, the Licensure Subcommittee has developed a series of Resource documents that are available upon request as well as below.

  • NSGC's Guiding Principles for State Licensure; NSGC approved Licensure Guiding Principles to provide national guidance to genetic counselors seeking licensure in their respective states.  NSGC will formally support efforts in states that pursue legislation that align with these principles and encourages members to take advantage of the Society's experienced lobbyists.

Licensure Resources Available Upon Request (The Email Subject Line Should Read: "State Licensure Resource Request."

  • Genetic Counselor Licensure White PaperThis template will help you to educate policymakers and potential supporters about genetic counseling and the benefits of genetic counselor licensure in your state.
  • Model Sunrise Application: States often use a Sunrise process to assess the necessity and impact of proposals for new and increased occupational regulation.  Sunrise applications are usually a series of questions that help the legislative body evaluate the need for an occupation's request for increased regulation.
  • State Licensure Contacts:  Many genetic counselors who have successfully achieved licensure in their states are on hand as resources for advice and support. 

If you are interested in pursuing licensure in your state, please contact John Richardson:  jrichardson@nsgc.org to get started.

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