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Are you interested in setting up a genetic counseling program at your institution?  Do you want to recruit genetic counselors for open positions?  

Below are some resources developed to help you build a genetic counseling program and attract genetic counselors to your institution.

For additional information about building an effective genetic counseling program, see the information shared by NSGC leaders in the blog post from The Advisory Board, "How your genetic counseling program can go from 'good' to 'great'."

Sample Job Descriptions

The sample job descriptions below can be used to build a job description for the specific role you have available within your institution.  Customize the requirements, skills and experience and responsibilities to fit your specific needs.

Sample Genetic Counselor Job Description

Sample Cancer Genetic Counselor Job Description

Model Credentialing Policy

Credentialing genetic counselors is often a new and not always straightforward process. This model credentialing policy will help you expedite the credentialing of genetic counselors in your institution by providing the model language developed by an expert medical staff credentialer familiar with genetic counselor practice and policy.

This model policy provides guidance to facilities and payers initiating and administering the credentialing process for these specialized providers. 

Model Credentialing Policy

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