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NSGC public relations efforts have been busy with an increasing number of major media sources recognizing genetic counselors as expert sources of information for genetics and genomics stories. NSGC has member spokespersons available to participate in interviews with local, regional and national media.


For Media Inquiries or Interview Requests with NSGC Spokespersons, Contact:

Rachel Bowen
Public Communications Inc.

NSGC in the News

Hidden Secrets in Tumor Genetic Testing

By: NSGC Headquarters | Jun 16

The fight against cancer just got personal. Top docs and thinkers explain how genetic medicine is going to change how we fight the disease.

By: NSGC Headquarters | Jun 16

What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About “23andMe” and Other Genetic Testing

By: NSGC Headquarters | Jun 16

5 Things You Need To Know Before Taking an At-Home Genetic Test

By: NSGC Headquarters | Jun 16

Genetic Tests often overused and misinterpreted, sometimes with tragic consequences

By: NSGC Headquarters | Jun 16

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