NSGC AEC Speaker Information

Thank you for being a part on NSGC's Annual Education Conference! Below, please find information that can assist you in planning for this year's conference.  If you have any questions, please contact speakers@nsgc.org.

Conference Schedule

To view the full conference schedule, or to download the conference Preliminary Program, please click here

Speaker Honorarium          
Honorarium is provided to session speakers.  The honorarium per session is listed below (this value is split among all presenters in the session, with the division is at the discretion of the session organizer).  Both genetic counselors and non-genetic counselors are eligible for this honorarium.  Honoraria will be issued following the conference.  We will send a check to the address that you indicated on your speaker forms. If your address changes, please contact us at speakers@nsgc.org to update your address on file.

  • Pre-Conference: $1,500
  • One Hour Plenary: $500
  • 45 Minute Plenary: $375
  • 30 Minute Plenary: $250
  • Educational Breakout Session:$450
  • Janus Series: $250
  • Concurrent paper presentation: No honorarium
  • Poster presentation:  No honorarium
  • For information on honorarium for other sessions, please contact speakers@nsgc.org.

Speaker Travel

Non-genetic counselor speakers are eligible for reimbursement/coverage of travel costs.  Typically, this is for individuals such as physicians, surgeons, patient advocacy representatives or patient panels.  Below you will find the items that are covered for non-genetic counselor speakers.  To verify whether or not a speaker is eligible for reimbursement/coverage of travel costs, please email speakers@nsgc.org.

  • Flight (up to $500)
  • Per Diem (up to $71 a day, receipts required for reimbursement)
  • Ground Transportation or transportation to/from the airport (up to $150)
  • Hotel (1 night’s stay)

Information regarding speaker travel will be sent to eligible speakers the week of May 23. Please contact speakers@nsgc.org if you have any questions in the meantime. 

Important Dates

August 31, 2016: Please submit your presentation materials (handouts, slides) to speakers@nsgc.org.

To download NSGC's AEC PowerPoint template, click here.  Please note: this template is in a widescreen format.  Please use a widescreen PowerPoint for your AEC presentation.  

August 31, 2016: Please complete your session quiz questions. For more information on how to develop your questions or to submit your questions, please visit: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2016Quizzes

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