The At-Home Genetic Test

At-home DNA tests can be informative and empowering – even fun if you’re into discovering more about genetics or your health! However, what you might not expect when you take the test is that it can result in confusion or even concern if you weren’t ready for the results or are unsure how to interpret them. Want to put yourself in the shoes of someone who took a direct-to-consumer genetic test? Start below with NSGC’s interactive tool.

Please select "your curiosity for information about your family history" to begin your adventure! 

We hope this DNA testing adventure was helpful! While it may have provided you with new information, it certainly can’t cover everything that may result from at-home genetic testing. Each and every person who embarks on this adventure will have different results, questions and concerns. Your experience will be as unique as your DNA! To learn more about which genetic test is right for you and how the results will impact you and your family, visit a genetic counselor.

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