July 2018 President's Letter

I’m happy to be joined this month by Christina Palmer, Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Genetic Counseling, for a joint President and Editor-in-Chief’s Letter to share some exciting news!

The Journal of Genetic Counseling will be transitioning to a new publisher in 2019. After an extensive review of possible publishing partners, Christina and the Board selected John Wiley and Sons, Inc. as our new publisher. Wiley is a leading society publisher with a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and global operations that are truly innovative.

During the assessment, it became clear that Wiley had the experience, strategic outlook and commitment to help advance the profession of genetic counseling and evolve the journal that represents our rapidly evolving field. Colette Bean, Vice President and Society Publishing Director at Wiley, summed it up well. “The growing importance of genetic testing has brought into focus the need for professional genetic counseling, and we share NSGC’s belief that it has the potential to transform patient care and outcomes. We are looking forward to working with the NSGC to further advance the field of genetic counseling and their important mission for the good of patients and researchers.”

There were many motivations behind this change, but one of the most critical is that NSGC recognizes the Journal of Genetic Counseling is key to advancing our mission and supporting our members in their professional efforts. The value of our journal for publication of genetic counseling-relevant research is clear; the number of submissions of original research articles has nearly doubled in the last five years and continues to grow. And we know how important the journal is to our members. In NSGC’s 2017 Member Benefits and Satisfaction Survey, you told us the journal is one of the most critical benefits/services that we provide, with more than 70% of you ranking it as important/very important.

This new partnership with Wiley will further drive the journal’s growth and strengthen the journal’s position as the leading peer-reviewed journal of genetic counseling research. We are already beginning to strategize on refreshing the journal’s look and enhancing its visibility to potential authors and readers through a new journal website. We are also excited to take advantage of Wiley’s suite of Author Services benefits, so that all of our authors and contributors have an optimal experience when you publish in the journal.

Starting in 2019, the journal will publish exclusively on Wiley’s content platform and distribute through its global network. You can look forward to seeing marketing activities promoting our new partnership with Wiley starting in late 2018 and throughout 2019, also with an array of ongoing marketing activities to enhance the visibility of articles published in the journal.

The ultimate purpose of increasing the visibility of the journal’s content is to have a real impact on the critically important areas of patient care, service delivery and workforce training. The new partnership with Wiley strengthens our position to realize this goal.  This is indeed an exciting time for the Journal of Genetic Counseling!



Erica Ramos, MS, LCGC
2018 NSGC President

Christina Palmer, MS, PhD, CGC
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Genetic Counseling


This article was published in the July 2018 Advocate Newsletter.

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