Access & Service Delivery Committee Introduces NSGC’s Bibliography

By Molly Giammarco, NSGC Manager of Policy and Government Relations

The Access & Service Delivery (ASD) Payer Subcommittee recently launched the NSGC Bibliography, a searchable, PMID-linked, database within NSGC’s website. This database is available only to NSGC members and enables users to export uniquely designed search results based on a series of search criteria.

As part of its charge to improve access to, and demonstrate genetic counselor value, the ASD Payer Subcommittee created an excel sheet in 2011 to track literature that demonstrated genetic counselor value, particularly with regard to reducing costs, increasing access and improving the quality of service delivery. The database quickly grew into an incredible resource of over 400 articles, and in 2016, the Payer Subcommittee began exploring revision options so NSGC members could better access and use this resource.

The Payer Subcommittee has devoted the last few years to developing this resource and much of 2018 reviewing and recoding every item within the Bibliography. The recoding process included archiving older articles, removing outdated articles and deleting articles that did not fit within the Bibliography’s revised search criteria.

During this reconstruction, the Subcommittee halted its monthly updates to the Bibliography, and now urgently turns its focus to adding articles published since 2016. Much has happened in the past few years and the as the industry continues to grow, the Subcommittee encourages members to submit articles that demonstrate genetic counselor value via the Bibliography Submission Form. Subcommittee members will use the Bibliography’s search criteria to determine eligibility and categorize submissions. 

The Payer Subcommittee is eager to hear from members on how it can improve this resource to fit members’ needs. As a member resource, the Payer Subcommittee wants to ensure that this resource is intuitive, user-friendly and helpful to members. Please feel free to email with questions or feedback on NSGC’s Bibliography.

This resource would not exist without the extraordinary commitments and contributions of members over the past few years. Many individuals contributed to this resource and NSGC is grateful for their dedication to this effort. Thank you to everyone who helped realize this effort and thank you to those who are working hard to update and maintain this resource.


This article was published in the January 2019 Advocate Newsletter.

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