Access & Service Delivery Efficiency Subcommittee Introduces Workplace Efficiency Toolkit

By Molly Giammarco, NSGC Manager of Policy and Government Relations

To enhance workplace efficiency for genetic counselors and their colleagues, the Access & Service Delivery (ASD) Efficiency subcommittee has developed a Workplace Efficiency Toolkit to help identify process redundancies, streamline administrative steps and enable all team members to work at the top of their professional scopes. The Toolkit includes a Discussion Guide, along with four collaborative worksheets that teams can use to guide them toward improved efficiency and practice delivery.

The Toolkit’s discussion guide provides step-by-step instructions to facilitate individual’s and group’s workplace processes and responsibilities assessments. The Discussion Guide walks participants through each worksheet and provides examples of how teams can identify redundancy and solutions to improve workplace processes. The ASD Efficiency subcommittee recognizes that identifying and incorporating changes within the workplace can be time-consuming and challenging. With this in mind, the Subcommittee members designed these worksheets to ensure input from your entire team (clinicians and administrative personnel alike) so all members genuinely take part in the team’s efficiency assessment.


The Toolkit’s worksheets focus on different parts of the process and facilitate team discussion and collaboration. They are structured to allow maximum flexibility so you can tailor them to your team’s unique structure and needs. The ASD Efficiency subcommittee has extensively vetted this resource and is excited to already hear the positive feedback from its pilot workplaces. Subcommittee members are now pleased to offer the NSGC Workplace Efficiency Toolkit to you and your team. 

You can find the entire Toolkit on the NSGC website, under “Tools for Your Practice.” The ASD Efficiency subcommittee members are eager to help make a difference in your workplace and are always eager to receive feedback. A special thanks to the Efficiency subcommittee members for their extensive hard work on this effort: Joy Larsen Haidle, Hilary Kershberg, Erin Miller, Cheryl Scacheri, Kendra Schaa, Laura Panos Smith and Jodie Vento.  


This article was published in the December 2018 Advocate Newsletter.

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