Updates from the Access & Service Delivery, Outcomes and Public Policy Committees

By Molly Giammarco, NSGC Senior Manager of Policy and Government Relations


ASD and Outcomes Committees Overseeing RFPs for Expertise to Further Demonstrate Genetic Counselor Value

As part of NSGC’s strategic plan to help genetic counselors deliver individualized high-value genetic services, NSGC is issuing requests for proposals (RFPs) for two initiatives: 1) Health Economist expertise to help the Access and Service Delivery (ASD) Committee create business cases for hiring, using, and retaining genetic counselors in diverse settings; and 2) Measurer Developer expertise to help the Outcomes Committee prepare genetic counseling measures for the National Quality Forum’s measure-endorsement process.

The ASD Committee’s health economist RFP identifies four areas in which health economist expertise could complement the Committee’s work to help advance and highlight genetic counselor value: 1) billing practices; 2) downstream revenue and cost savings; 3) test stewardship; and 4) genetic counselor utilization/retention. The ASD Committee will use this expertise to continue to advance their efforts around payer recognition, reimbursement, credentialing and service delivery. 

To help meet its charge to develop genetic counseling measures related to access, cost and quality, the Outcomes Committee has identified a series of related measures as well as several patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) that will help demonstrate the value genetic counselors have in delivering high quality genetic counseling services. In developing these measures, the Committee has reached the point in which specialized measures expertise is necessary to develop, test, endorse and implement PROMs. With this assistance, the Committee plans to develop genetic counseling measures related to access and cost as well as develop an NSGC strategic plan for genetic counseling outcomes.

The ASD and Outcomes Committees will oversee their respective RFP bidding processes, which are currently active. Visit the ASD Committee Health Economist RFP and the Outcomes Committee Measure Development RFP pages for more information, including each RFP, additional background, timelines, the selection and criteria processes and on-demand Q&A. These pages are open to the public and both Committees encourage NSGC members to disseminate these proposals to colleagues, professional networks and anyone else interested in applying. 


Public Policy Committee Makes Progress on Position Statement Reviews

Each year, the Public Policy Committee (PPC) reviews NSGC’s existing position statements published three years prior to recommend retiring, reaffirming or revising these statements. The PPC is in the process of reviewing seven NSGC statements published or reaffirmed in 2015. Each review process includes compiling a task force to review the statement by considering new literature, practice and other developments since the last review.

The NSGC Board of Directors recently accepted the PPC’s recommendations to reaffirm the position statements on Human Gene Patenting (2015) and Genetic Counselors in Healthcare Reform (2015), and to revise Incidental Findings in Genetic Testing (2015). Look for more information about the Incidental Findings in Genetic Testing position statement in the next few months when the PPC opens the revision draft to member review.

A special thank you to the Human Gene Editing Task Force members: Amy Mueller, Anna Eames, Erin Royer, Kelsey Newell and Leila Jamal, and to the Genetic Counselors in Healthcare Reform Task Force members: Colleen Campbell, Cori Feist, Jordan Brown, Michelle Cahr, Rachel Webster  and Tabby Perry for their help in reviewing these now-reaffirmed statements. Look for more from the Incidental Findings Task Force soon when the PPC opens the revision draft for member review.  


This article was published in the April 2019 Advocate Newsletter.

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