Leading Experts in Genetics and Pregnancy Announce the Creation of a New Consortium

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February 5, 2020, Washington, DC – Prenatal genetic screening is a complex and rapidly evolving field of medicine. In an effort to help promote consensus recommendations and strive for consistency among various medical societies that issue recommendations and guidelines in the area of prenatal genetic testing, six national organizations have partnered to create the Reproductive Genetics Technology Consortium.

Member organizations include the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics; American Society for Reproductive Medicine; International Society of Prenatal Diagnosis; National Society of Genetic Counselors; Perinatal Quality Foundation; and ​Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Representatives from each organization will meet regularly and as needed to facilitate group discussion and/or consensus.

The new Consortium aims to facilitate communication between professional organizations in their development of practice guidelines and to provide a forum for different societies to discuss appropriate utilization of reproductive genetic testing.  It will also provide a forum through which commercial laboratories or other entities developing new technologies can proactively communicate to obtain input and guidance regarding new testing and will provide consensus expert opinions about the clinical utility and application of emerging genetic tests.

“NSGC looks forward to working collaboratively with members of the Consortium to improve the integration of genetics and genetic testing into reproductive health,” said NSGC representative, Blair Stevens, MS, CGC.

To contact the Consortium, contact Jean Spitz, MPH, CAE, RDMS at jspitz@perinatalquality.org

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