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To promote communication and relationships among genetic counselors in all nations, to encourage the development of the genetic counseling profession within multiple healthcare models, and provide assistance/support to both the NSGC membership and our international genetic counseling colleagues.

This Special Interest Group (SIG) was created and is currently maintained by members of NSGC who are currently working internationally or have an interest in genetic counseling around the world, or both.


    International Genetic Counseling Spotlight

    The International Genetic Counseling Spotlight blog is a project begun by the International Special Interest Group (I-SIG) of the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC). This project is a monthly blog post where we would like to feature genetic counselors and other healthcare professionals who are performing genetic counseling from different areas around the world. During this time of global expansion and awareness of genetic services, it is becoming increasingly important to keep up to date on practices across borders. It is our hope that this will serve as a resource for all those looking to become more culturally competent in the practice of genetic counseling, as well as helping to connect health professionals from around the world. If you would like to contribute or become involved, please contact Emily Qian, project chair, at for further information.


    International SIG Grant Award

    In an effort to promote research on international genetic counseling issues, the NSGC International SIG is providing up to two $375 scholarships to a genetic counseling professional or student who is interested in focusing their research project on a topic related to international genetic counseling issues. This scholarship is open to interested applicants worldwide, and is not restricted to NSGC members, although collaboration with an NSGC member is highly encouraged. To apply for this scholarship, please submit your proposal (maximum of 500 words) describing the project and how the award will be used. The winner of the scholarship will need to provide the SIG with receipts of their expenses in 2019 and return unused funds, if any. The winner(s) must also share the findings/conclusions of their project with the NSGC membership through a publication, presentation, poster, article, or other. Genetic counseling students must be enrolled, and in good standing, at a genetic counseling training program in the fall of 2018. Applications are due on Wednesday, October 31, 2018, at 12 midnight EDT. No applications submitted after this date will be accepted. Please submit your application to the co-chairs of the international SIG at,, and

    Project Summaries of Past Award Recipients 

    International Contact List

    The International SIG is pleased to announce the availability of an international contact list for NSGC members. This tool consists of a periodically updated list of genetic counselors, geneticists, genetic researchers, and other relevant professionals who cannot be located using the "Find a Genetic Counselor" tool.  These professionals have been contacted by our SIG and they confirmed their willingness to be listed as contacts on the NSGC website. This list is only available to NSGC members and cannot be accessed by the public.

    To view the International Contact List, please click  here.

    As we anticipate this list to expand over time, we are seeking your help in providing us with your own international contacts that we can add to this list.  If you know of an internationally based genetic counselor/geneticist that would be willing to accept referrals from our membership, please email the name and contact information (an email would suffice) to Lavania Sharma ( ) and Lindsey Alico ( ).  

    Patient Support Material Translations

    One of the International SIG projects in 2014 included posting  translations of patient support material in different languages to our SIG website.  Members of the SIG managed to translate "Welcome to Holland" in three different languages: Arabic, Farsi, and Simplified Chinese. The translation project has been managed by  Lamia F. Alsubaie,  Joan H. Marks Human Genetics Program Candidate, and  Salma Shickh, MS, CGC,  Genetic Counselor, London Health Sciences Centre.

    The translated documents can be downloaded here:

    Simplified Chinese


    Access the International SIG community (including the International SIG Discussion Forum and SIG Documents)  here .

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    Grants/Award Opportunities

    Review SIG grant award opportunities. 


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