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Student Research Survey Program

The Student Research Survey Program is designed to provide students currently in Genetic Counseling Training Programs access to NSGC members for research purposes at a discounted rate. This opportunity is designed to increase student survey results and to provide exposure to a variety of genetic counselors.

In order to submit a Student Research Survey, students should complete the Student Research Survey application below. The application will ask for information such as contact info, topic of survey, desired initial send and reminder dates and a brief description about your survey. The purpose of the brief description is to provide the audience with a summary of the survey. If you would like to include other information deemed as important, please include it in your survey itself as a cover page or as a precursor to the first question. Please note: In order for NSGC to distribute your survey, you must incorporate a consent statement (or notice of exemption from ethical review from an IRB) and contact information for the researcher(s) in the survey.

Interview-based research projects also qualify for this program. In lieu of a link to a survey, please submit a link to a volunteer submission form or survey organizer contact page.

Both initial and reminder surveys will be sent out in a weekly digest on Wednesdays with survey content due by Friday of the prior week (i.e. the deadline to submit your survey is the Friday prior to the next Wednesday the digest is scheduled to be sent out.) Each digest will be organized according to the topic areas students will select from when filling out their submission form. The subject line of each digest will be: "Student Research Surveys & Reminders - <<current date>>" and will come from NSGC ensuring prominence in members' inboxes.

Beginning on January 1, 2020, NSGC will also post all surveys distributed via the weekly digest to a members only standing page for up to two months.

Surveys will be distributed as submitted, and drafts will not be circulated prior to distribution.

All student research surveys must go through this process and cannot be posted in the SIG communities or discussion forums. 

*Please note: desired eblast send dates are not guaranteed and can be delayed during high volume request periods. 


Prepayment is required for the E-Blast service. If you are a Program Director wishing to purchase on behalf of your student(s), your student(s) must belong to NSGC as a Student Member to qualify for the Student Member Rate. If you would like assistance creating an invoice for multiple students, please reach out to with a list of student names.

Student Member Rate

  • $25.00 – includes one survey listing in one weekly digest to all NSGC members.
  • $30.00 – includes one survey listing in one weekly digest and one follow-up reminder in a subsequent weekly digest sent to all NSGC members.

Non-Member Rate

  • $40.00 – includes one survey listing in one weekly digest to all NSGC members.
  • $50.00 – includes one survey listing in one weekly digest and one follow-up reminder in a subsequent weekly digest sent to all NSGC members.

To Purchase:

New Online Submission Form!

Please submit your student research survey at the application form here. Please reach out to if you have any questions. 

To submit payment online, please click on the link below:

Add to Cart and View Cart

Helpful Hints:

 Here are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing an NSGC E-blast:

  • Before completing the Student Research Survey application, please purchase your Student Research Survey. The application form will ask for your invoice number.
  • Please do not email your survey to We appreciate having submissions in one place to make the process more efficient.

Please note: The NSGC Student Research Survey Program is not able to send attachments. NSGC will make every attempt to include your desired formatting, within the limits of our system.

For more information, please contact NSGC Executive Office at or 312.321.6834.

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