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Employment as a Genetic Counselor

Here you can find information for a job search. To get started, you will need to know how to look for jobs, and how to improve your chances of landing a a position.

The Job Search

There are several good places to look for jobs, including NSGC Job Connection, regional and national genetics meetings, bulletin boards, and word of mouth. If you see an opportunity and if you have the initiative, you may also attempt to create a new job for yourself.

NSGC Job Connection


As an important first step, you should prioritize various aspects of a job that are most meaningful to you. Key points to consider in making your own list of priorities are geography, the type of position (prenatal, pediatrics, adult, cancer, nontraditional), and setting (academic, industry, large or small practice). You should also have a clear idea of aspects in which you are willing to compromise. So if your top priority is to locate in a specific city, are you willing to accept a position in a setting that is not your first choice? If your highest priority is to work in specific setting and position, are you willing to move to an area that is new to you? If you have a difficult time compromising either geography, setting, or position, are you willing to either create a new position or wait for something to become available? The recent Professional Status surveys may help you to learn more about our profession and set your own job search priorities. Wondering how to market your skills to potential employers? Check out the Core Skills of Genetic Counselors page and NSGC's Self-Marketing Toolkit. Interested in private practice genetic counseling? Read the Guide to Private Practice Genetic Counseling below.

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