Accessing NSGC Online Courses

How to use NSGC’s Online Learning Center:

  • Please note, Internet Explorer is the suggested browser to use for the online courses.
  • Click on Connect to your Courses below  to access your online education page
  • Under the Training Menu, select your Online Course
  • Select a Module and view the Module slideshow
  • Click on Assessment in the upper-right hand corner of online education page, once Module slideshow is completed 
  • Select Begin Assessment and take the Module quiz
  • After passing the assessment, Return to Student Menu
  • Module Survey will appear under the completed Module tab
  • Complete Survey and return to your Student Menu
  • Print Certificate will appear under the completed Module and Survey tabs
  • CEU Certificates will always be available to print once you have completed the Module
  • Follow steps above for all online education Courses/Modules

You may also download each module's powerpoint presentation by going to the "Tools" section of your online course in the upper right hand corner.

Connect to your Courses


To find additional information about NSGC’s Online Learning Center system requirements, please click here

AEC Recordings Access

To access AEC Recordings, please click here.

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