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NSGC Discussion forums are your virtual gateways to the NSGC member community. Our online discussion forums are the go-to source for real-time professional information and practice-related sharing for genetic counselors. Connect with NSGC members to discuss issues related to your specialty, share resources, network with colleagues and more.

Here's How the Discussion Forums work:

  • Similar to a Listserv system, you can reply directly to postings and create new threads via your email or via the NSGC website
  • Subscribe only to forum topics that are relevant to you and your practice
  • Select a subscription format that works for you – get activity updates from your subscribed forums as they happen, daily, or weekly
  • Have activity updates from your favorite forums populate in a customized feed on your member center homepage
  • Visit and search the archives for past discussions around your questions
  • Visit our FAQ page

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Before posting to the Discussion Forums, please review the NSGC Discussion Forum Policies. As a condition of initial and continuing access to its Discussion Forums, NSGC requires those members wishing to participate to accept and adhere to the terms of these Guidelines.

Please note: Members are prohibited from posting commercial messages advertising or selling goods or services, including job postings. Anyone interested in promoting job opportunities should visit NSGC Job Connection for more information about posting opportunities.

Research Studies:  Full, New Genetic Counselor, Associate, and Emeritus members are allowed to post messages promoting their own research studies. All recruitment for student research studies must go through the NSGC Student Research Program.  Please contact the NSGC Executive Office if you are unsure of how to categorize your post.

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