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Audrey Heimler Special Projects Award Recipients

Please join us in celebrating the work of our Audrey Heimler Special Projects Award Past Recipients!



Project Topic/Title


Lila Aiyar, MSc, CGC, CCGC; Tala Berro, MS, CGC; Nadine N. Channaoui, MS, LCGC; Michelle Takemoto, MS, CGC

Development of Outcome Evaluation Framework for Diversity-Related Projects in Genetic Counseling


Angela Krutish, MSc; Jessica Hartley, MS, CGC

The Impact of the Genetic Assistant Position on Genetic Counselor Productivity: A Time-Series Analysis

2018 Andrea Durst, MS, DrPH, LCGC; Kunal Sanghavi, MBBS, MS, LCGC; Rebecca Vanderwall, MS, MPH, LCGC; Raluca Kurz, MS, LCGC Genetic Counseling in the Genomic Era - A Fellowship Program to Promote Public Health and Precision Medicine Roles
2017 Carrie Atzinger, MS, LGC; and Katie Wusik, LGC

Supervision Models in Current Genetic Counseling Supervision Practice

2016 Priscila Delgado Hodges

"Development of Spanish Genetic Counseling Lexicon”

Lexigene® is a trilingual online lexicon tailored to the field of genetic counseling. It boasts over 3600 genetics-related terms that can be searched in English, Spanish and French.

2014 Kara Anstett, BSc and Sharon Chen, BA

"Development of a Website to Facilitate the Recruitment of African Americans and Latinos into the field of Genetic Counseling"

2014 Beth Crawford, MS, CGC, Linda Robinson, MS, CGC, and Sara Pirzadeh-Miller, MS, CGC

"Genetic Counseling Assistants: An Integral Piece of the Evolving Genetic Counseling ServiceDelivery Model”

2013 Heather Zierhut, Sephanie Cohen; Submitted on behalf of the   Genetic Counseling Outcomes Working Committee

"Identification of Patient-Centered Outcome Measures in Genetic Counseling"

2012 Heidi Cope "The psychological impact of pregnancy loss due to prenatally diagnosed lethal fetal conditions: Gender differences and predictors of poor outcome”
2011 Sara Riordan and Shannon Kieran  “Expanding the Practice of Genomic Counseling in Personalized Medicine: Tools for Genetic Counselors”
2010 Kathleen Valverde  “Will Employers Hire Genetic Counselors with a Clinical Doctorate?”
2007 Catherine Reiser Development of a Training Program for Clinical Supervisors of Genetic Counseling Students Using the Standardized Student Method
2005 Robin Bennett and Joseph D. McInerney Develpment of a Power Point Slide Set on Family HistoryNSGC Regional RepresentativesThe Path to Leadership: Strategy to Enhance Student Experience and Member Participation in NSGC
2004 Logan Karns, Myra Roche and Beverly Yashar Development of 2nd edition, Ethics in Genetic Counseling: an ethics casebook for genetic counselors
2003 Sumedha Ghate, Cindy Hoyle Solomon, Anna Leininger, Nicole Teed, Jill Brensinger Trimbath 

Child's Guide to Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP)

2002 Beth Billings, Sara Goldman and Vicki Venne

Genetic Counselor Licensure: Experiences and Opportunities

2001 Barbara Lerner Current Issues in Genetic Counseling: Interactive Internet Based Counseling
2000  Robin Bennett Recommendations for Genetic Counseling and Screening of Consanguineous Couples and Their Offspring
1999 Julia Habecker-Green Study of Attitudes toward Diagnosis in Pediatric Genetic Counseling. The study examined the psychosocial implications of genetic counseling on patient satisfaction with genetic services
1998 Ellen Matloff The Impact of Cancer Genetic Counseling on Providers. The study explored the impact of cancer genetic counseling on the counselors who provide these services, specifically their attitudes, personal cancer surveillance behaviors and levels of stress.
1997 Jennifer Fitzpatrick  and Marlene Huggins Duty to Recontact: A Survey of the Attitudes of Genetics Service Providers, A project designed to lay the ground-work in preparation for clinical guidelines regarding duty to recontact patients when new developments in clinical genetics are identified.
1996 Jamie Israel An Introduction to Deafness: A Manual for Genetic Counselors,a comprehensive manual developed to provide genetic counselors with information about various aspects of deafness. The manual was distributed to all graduate programs in genetic counseling and has become a publication distributed through NSGC.
1995 Diane Baker The goal of this project was to define elements and develop guidelines for patient letter writing for genetic counseling students.
1994 Kathy Delp and Molly Minnick The goal of this project was to develop a manual for conducting support groups for parents who have chosen to interrupt pregnancies secondary to fetal anomalies.
1993 Vivian Wang She developed a training handbook about cross-cultural genetic counseling which has been field tested and incorporated in several genetic counseling training program curricula. The self-contained, easily updated handbook includes material about basic cross-cultural counseling theory as well as case vignettes, role playing and role analysis. Audiovisual slides and references accompany the handbook. These tools will help sensitize students to culturally distinct populations. The handbook has been made available to genetic counseling training programs free of charge.
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