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Name: Seymour Kessler
Title and Affiliation: Program Director, the University of California at Berkely Genetic Counseling Program


Name: Kathryn Whitmer
Title and Affiliation: NSGC Operations Manager
Date of death: June 8, 2018
In lieu of flowers, honor Kathryn's life with a donation

Name: Aida Metzenberg
Title and Affiliation: Program Director, California State University, Northridge (1995-2008)
Genetic Counseling Training Program: University of California, Irvine
Date of Death: March 18, 2018


Name: Erica M. Sanborn
Title and Affiliation: Assistant Program Director/Founder,  Sarah Lawrence College/ Life After Diagnosis Program
Genetic Counseling Training Program:  Sarah Lawrence College, Graduated 2003
Date of death:  January 3, 2016
In lieu of flowers, honor Erica's life with a donation


Name: Elizabeth Jean Thomson
Title and Affiliation:  Genetic Counselor, National Human Genome Research Institute
Genetic Counseling Training Program:  John Hopkins University/NHGRI, Graduated 1982
Date of death:  July 14, 2015


Name:  Amy Wawrykow Sain
Title and Affiliation: Genetic Counselor, Magee Women's Hospital
Genetic Counseling Training Program: University of Pittsburgh, Graduated 2004
Date of death: September 17, 2014
Please visit Dancing for Amy to read about Amy's life and share your memories:

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