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Prorated and Deferred Membership Rates

NSGC offers 6 and 18 month memberships to new members that join the organization between July and September (non-prorated membership rates for the following year open October 1). When joining after July 1, the option to select a 6 month (expiring December 31 of that year) or 18 month membership (expiring December 31 the following year) will automatically be presented to you. See below for the membership rates for each category:


NSGC 6- and

18-Month Memberships



 Full Membership

 $132.50  $397.50

 New Genetic Counselor Membership

 $86.50  $259.50

 Associate Membership

 $112.00  $336.00

 Student Membership

 $50.00  $125.00


Please note: all members are assessed a one-time, $15.00 application fee when joining NSGC for the first time.

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