NSGC Online Course Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting for the online courses Genomics, Incorporating Technology into Business Practice, Business Foundations for Genetic Counselors, and Career Advancement and Professional Development

Quicktime Media Player

If you are experiencing difficulty viewing these courses, you may need to download the Quicktime Media Player and a Quicktime Plug-in. To download the media player, please visit the Apple website here: 

Quicktime Media Player Plug-ins

To ensure that the Quicktime Media Player is able to operate in Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer, please view the help information for the specific browser you plan to use below:

Troubleshooting for the online courses Why Choose Just One Gene? and The Common Disease in the Family History

GoToMeeting Codec

These two online courses require a codec software to be installed to view the module recordings. Please try downloading the codec software here:

Windows Media Player Plugins

To view these online courses, you will also need to have Window’s Media plugin for Firefox or Chrome installed on your computer if you plan on using either of these two browsers to view the modules. If you don’t have this, the video content will not play back.  

Media Player Defaults

The presentations within these two online courses run best on Windows Media Player; we have found that VLC is incompatible with the type of video that we use for our recordings. You can learn more about switching your default media player here:

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