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Payer Resources for Genetic Counselors

Genetic Counselor Business Resources

The ASD Payer Subcommittee has developed slide deck presentations to help you advocate for the profession with payers and with hospitals.  Contact John Richardson for more information on developing meeting strategies with payers and institutions that advocate for the profession and showcase genetic counselor value.

Learn more about billing and coding for genetic services while taking one of the Business Foundations for Genetic Counselors online courses. Enhance your business practice by taking advantage of other healthcare business resources!




NSGC Genetic Counseling Literature Repository

The ASD Payer Subcommittee is pleased to officially introduce the digital Genetic Counseling Literature Repository, a searchable, PMID-linked, database completely within NSGC's website. This database enables users to export search results to facilitate usability. The Literature Repository Search-Term Definitions provide more insight into the Bibliography's content and article criteria.

Billing and Coding

Ask the Expert

Have a billing, coding and licensure question? Get all of your questions answered by an expert. Ask the Expert now!

Coding Corner

Gain an understanding of billing and reimbursement for genetic services through the Coding Corner

NSGC's Model Coverage Policy

Take advantage of NSGC’s Model Coverage Policy to help advocate for genetic counseling reimbursement with at your institution and with payers.

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