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The mission of the LMSIG is to serve as a gathering place for idea sharing, best practice development and ongoing education.

  • We seek to serve as a resource hub to genetic counselors who are new and/or aspiring leaders or managers
  • We seek to provide current leaders/managers with discussions related to challenges and successes, resources to build skills, and data-sharing to help bolster efficiency.
  • We seek to connect genetic counselors with leadership/management roles to each other in order to continue development of skills, contribute to best practice discussion and serve as mentors.

Task Forces

  • Education Task Force: Provides education INTERNALLY to SIG members on leadership skills, management strategies, etc. 
    • Would include the development/planning/execution of interactive case conference currently proposed. 
    • May consider bringing in outside speakers, as needed, to continue to build leadership/management skills
  • Outreach Task Force:Provides education and collaboration EXTERNALLY 
    • Webinar/workshops to the general membership and collaboration with other SIGs. (for example, I anticipate we may want to see if other SIGs have initiatives around leadership/management and/or if they have needs from US that we could collaborate with). 
    • May also include development for AEC submission topics on leadership/management, which may involve collaboration with outside organizations / groups
  • Development Task Force: Seeks to develop best practices for managers/leaders
    • May include resource-gathering from current SIG members and other leaders in the industry on career ladders, job descriptions, etc.
    • Would determine best practices for potential GC managers across various settings 
  • Practice Task Force: Seeks to share resources and maintain discussions on common projects/initiatives unique to managers and leaders
    • Topics may include, Clinical Practice for those interested in clinic development; Advancement for those interested in developing and advocating for a advancement ladder, Research for development of a research program, etc.
    • Would create resource library from SIG membership and other relevant organizations


Access the  Management and Leadership SIG  (including the Management and Leadership SIG Discussion Forum, the Management and Leadership SIG File Library  and other Management and Leadership SIG  Documents)  here .

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