A Multidisciplinary Care Model For The Family Carrying a Fetus With a Congenital Anomaly: A Primer For Support

After viewing this 1 hour webinar, learners will be able to:

  • Recognize the unique psychological challenges associated with the prenatal diagnosis of a fetal anomaly 
  • Identify ways to provide individualized support, interventions, and resources
  • Apply the vocabulary and strategies discussed to facilitate communication 
  • Support parents through all levels of decision making
  • Utilize the case presentations to highlight the above support strategies and integrate insight gained into genetic counseling practice

Presenters: Sara Chadwick, MPH, MS, CPH, CGC, Stefanie Kasperski, MS, CGC, Joanna Cole, PhD, David Munson, MD

To view this webinar, please visit the NSGC Member Webinar Series page. 

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