New CEU Guidelines for Sponsored Sessions


The American Board of Genetic Counseling (ABGC) views continuing education (CE) as essential to maintaining and increasing a genetic counselor’s knowledge and skills in a rapidly evolving field. As such, the ABGC Board of Directors charged a CEU (continuing education units) Taskforce to explore options for ensuring that CE was appropriate for certified genetic counselors (CGC®) to use for recertification by the ABGC. The CEU Taskforce has developed a minimum set of standards for CEU activities that ensure approved activities reflect the profession’s current needs and promote high quality genetic counseling services that went into effect on February 1, 2017 for any activity occurring on or after April 1, 2017.

Guidelines for Sponsored Sessions at the NSGC Annual Conference

The following Standards pertain to all sponsored sessions at the NSGC Annual Conference and should be considered when applying for Category 1 CEU credit:

  • For all Category 1 CEU activities, a CGC® must be involved in the program planning as either a member of the program planning committee or as a consultant. You can find a CGC® on the NSGC website if you are not already working with someone at your institution.
  • Presenters must provide verbal and written disclosures to attendees (conflicts of interest disclosure on slides is required) regarding any actual, potential or perceived conflicts of interest, and include the nature of the relationship.
  • Conflict of Interest attestations must be collected from each presenter and submitted with the event application.
  • Generic names (i.e., non-branded names) should be used during all educational activities. Specific products or commercial entities should neither be promoted nor disparaged.
  • Branded slide templates or logos cannot be used by any presenter. Please download NSGC's approved PowerPoint template here.
  • No advertisements may be visible at the same time as the educational content. Marketing materials cannot be made available in or around the education space immediately before, during, or immediately after an industry-sponsored program.
  • Should a violation of the Conflict of Interest Policy occur, a formal complaint must be filed with NSGC. If a presenter or program planer does not adhere to the conflicts of interest standards outlined in the Standards and Guidelines document, disciplinary action may be taken.

How to Implement the Standards in Your Presentation

  • Refer to the Standards and Guidelines document when planning your program content. All program content must be consistent with the NSGC Code of Ethics and be directly relevant to the knowledge and skills of graduate-level genetic counselors. 
  • Ensure each presenter completes the Conflict of Interest agreement form and includes the disclosures within the slides at the beginning of his or her presentation.
  • Do not make any flyers or marketing materials available within your session room or immediately outside. The best place to distribute these is at your booth!
  • Create your presentation on a standard template without any commercial logos.
  • Use generic names (i.e., non-branded names) in your presentation as much as possible. Specific products or commercial entities should neither be promoted nor disparaged. The content of your educational presentation will not contain advertisements for a specific product, company, and/or service.

What if I want to advertise my specific product during my session?

  • Do not apply for CEU credit if you plan to promote a specific product or service. You can still present a sponsored session without CEUs!
  • Please still include a COI disclosure slide at the beginning of your presentation.

How to Apply for CEUs for Your Session

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