Traditional Skills in a Non-traditional Space: Genetic Counselors in Customer-Facing Sales and Educational Roles

After viewing this 1 hour webinar, learners will be able to:

  • Define the roles of sales specialist and regional medical specialist in today's genetic testing environment and how genetic counselors have come to fill them.       
  • Identify characteristics of genetic counselors and aspects of training and clinical practice that lead to success in these roles.       
  • Assess challenges that arise in a customer-focused position and ways the panelists have worked, and continue to work, to address them. 

Presenters: Colleen Landy Schmitt, PerkinElmer; Marianne Lotito, Myriad Genetic Laboratories; Gabriel A. Lazarin, Counsyl 

To view this webinar, please visit the NSGC Member Webinar Series page.

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