Genetic Counselors as Entrepreneurs: Lessons Learned from Taking the Plunge

This webinar will cover the business model utilized by three genetic counselors and will discuss the personal and professional characteristics as well as skills needed for successful entrepreneurship, practical steps to consider before starting a business and the issue of sustainability- how to make a business grow and become profitable. If you have ever considered starting your own business or wondered what is involved, don't miss this webinar.

After viewing this 1 hour webinar, learners will be able to:

  • Identify personal and professional characteristics needed for successful entrepreneurship. 
  • Describe the logistical steps of establishing a business/writing a business plan. 
  • Summarize the personal and professional practices needed for long term sustainability of a business. 

Presenters: Brianne Kirkpatrick, MS, LGC, WatershedDNA, Katie Stoll, MS, CGC, Genetic Support Foundation, Kayla Mandel Sheets, LCGC, Vibrant Gene

To view this webinar, please visit the 2016 NSGC Member Webinar Series page. 

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