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RARE Science, Inc. 

Join NSGC and RARE Science, Inc. for a fun event to support children with rare diseases. During the Annual Conference, NSGC will partner with RARE Science, Inc., supported by Illumina, to host a special RARE Bear Stuff-and-Sew event in booth #432 with the goal of completing one hundred RARE Bears during the conference!

The RARE Science, Inc. program gifts one-of-a-kind bears to one-of-a-kind kids, bringing instant joy and globally uniting rare communities that are seeding biological understanding of rare diseases of children on the way to improved therapies.

Not able to attend this year’s Annual Conference? You can join conference attendees and make a RARE Bear at home if you register to be a member of the RARE Bear Army by October 1, 2018.

Join the RARE Bear Army now! Visit RARE Science and enter “NSGC” under the Guild Affiliation field, located below the address, to have your bear count toward NSGC’s total.

Follow RARE Science, Inc:
  • Facebook, @RAREScience
  • Twitter, @RARE_Science
  • Instagram, RARE_Science
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Be the Match

Join our Be The Match Registry Drive at the Annual Conference! Be The Match is a global leader in bone marrow transplantation. They conduct research to improve transplant outcomes provide support and resources for patients and partner with a global network.

To learn more about why NSGC is partnering with Be The Match, attend the State of the Society Address at the Annual Conference. You can also get more information at the NSGC Central booth in the exhibit hall.

Visit https://bethematch.org/ for further details on the national bone marrow donation program.

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