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2016 Professional Status Survey Reports

The NSGC Professional Status Survey (PSS) is meant to reflect the field of genetic counseling.  Because the field of genetic counseling is ever-changing and growing, the PSS must also change over time to maintain relevance.  We encourage our NSGC members to play an active role in the growth and transformation of the PSS over time.  If you have a question you would like to see in a future PSS, we welcome you to submit a draft of the question with answer responses to the PSS committee.  Once received, the PSS subcommittee can review the question to determine if the question can be added to the PSS for a future cycle.  Please email psscomments@nsgc.org for your submission!

The NSGC PSS offers an inside view of the profession, including salary ranges, benefits, work environments, faculty status and even job satisfaction.

An Executive Summary of the 2016 report is available to the public and the full reports are available to NSGC Members free of charge and to the public for a fee.  All reports are available below:

2016 NSGC PSS Executive Summary
2016 PSS Reports

The 2016 PSS Infographics are posted on this page and are available for download. 

2016 Full Infographic (JPEG and PDF)

For non members interested in purchasing a copy of the 2016 PSS Reports please contact the NSGC Executive Office at nsgc@nsgc.org.

Past PSS Reports

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