NSGC CEU Approval

NSGC is an authorized provider of continuing education for genetic counselors. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) earned through NSGC-approved educational opportunities will be accepted by the American Board of Genetic Counseling for purposes of Genetic Counselor recertification.

Category 1 and 2 CEUs

As of July 3, 2018, NSGC has moved its Category 1 and 2 CEU applications to an online submission portal. To access the portal to submit, review or pay for an application, click the button below. As of  Monday, July 30, activity organizers are required to submit applications through the NSGC CEU Portal

Additionally, please note that as of Monday, July 30, 2018, it is required that all Category 1 CEU participants have either an NSGC member or guest account. Category 1 CEU activity organizers are required to collect NSGC member or guest user IDs from all Category 1 CEU participants, as this ID number plays a crucial role in the creation of Category 1 CEU certificates in the NSGC CEU portal. For complete instructions on how to create a guest account and find a user ID in an NSGC user profile, please download this instructional handout. These instructions can be shared with participants. You may also download application templates and our application fee structure

Access the NSGC CEU Portal

CEU Resources

Missing a Category 1 or 2 CEU Certificate?

Your request will be processed within 7-10 business days after your submission.

Submit a Missing Certificate Request

Important Information Regarding CEU Tracking

For Category 1 and 2 CEU applications submitted on or after July 30, 2018, all individual Category 1 and 2 CEU attendee certificates will be distributed and saved within the NSGC CEU Portal. Individuals are responsible for ensuring that certificates are complete, correct and received in a timely manner. For instructions on how to view your certificates, click here. If an activity was not processed and approved through the portal (i.e. anything prior to July 2018), the CEU certificate will not be searchable in the portal; participants should maintain their emailed CEU certificates for all pre-portal activities. 

All CEUs should be entered into the ABGC CEU tracker, which can be found by logging into ABGC’s website and selecting “Recertify” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, then selecting “My CEUs/PACs Summary” page. Individuals are responsible for entering in their individual credit information in the ABGC CEU tracker.

For Category 1 and 2 CEU applications submitted before July 30, 2018, NSGC does not have individual CEU files for genetic counselors; NSGC has records for approved activities that were sent by the conference organizers that are maintained for a total of 5 years from the original activity date. NSGC will do its best to assist with requests for re-issuing certificates; we cannot guarantee that we will always have sufficient documentation to re-issue a certificate from an event submitted for approval prior to July 30, 2018. For assistance with recovering a missing certificate, please use the "Submit a Missing Certificate Request" button above. 

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