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COVID-19 Resources

As we all continue to monitor developments related to COVID-19, NSGC’s priority is supporting our members and providing a point of connection for our broader community.  Below are resources developed by NSGC, to date, in response to COVID-19. 

If there are additional resources or forms of support NSGC can provide to help you navigate these challenging times, please feel free to reach out to us at nsgc@nsgc.org. You can also contact NSGCares to learn how they may be able to assist you or the larger genetic counseling community by clicking here.

NSGC COVID-19 Webinars

NSGC has developed the following webinars to help navigate these unique circumstances. For information about how to obtain CEUs for these webinars, please visit this page.

COVID-19 Discussion Forum

NSGC has also created a COVID-19 Discussion Forum as a resource for the genetic counseling community-at-large to serve as a source of mutual discussion and support that is open to any genetic counselor or genetic counseling student, regardless of membership in NSGC. This Discussion Forum also includes resources on telehealth and remote supervision and wellness, to name a few. To participate, members should login to NSGCommunities with their NSGC credentials, and non-members should create a free guest account on the NSGC website.

Click here to access the Discussion Forum

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