About Genetic Counselors

How Do Genetic Counselors Benefit the Healthcare Team?

Genetic counselors can help incorporate the latest genetic science into a practice by providing comprehensive genetic services to patients.

Working as part of the healthcare team, genetic counselors can:

  • Enhance the team's healthcare approach
  • Help use providers' time more efficiently
  • Decrease liability and overall costs
  • Increase patient satisfaction and understanding
  • Improve quality of care and/or overall outcomes

    How do genetic counselors assist healthcare providers and their practice?

    Genetic counselors can assist with answers to questions such as:

    • What is the recommended testing strategy?
    • Who can address my patient's concerns about the cost of testing, insurance coverage, and genetic discrimination?
    • What is the preferred sample type?
    • What is the test sensitivity?
    • What are the implications of receiving a result of unknown clinical significance?

    Genetic testing resource

    An educational and informative resource that explains the complexities of genetic testing and the support provided by genetic counselors for other healthcare providers, payers and patients throughout the genetic testing process. Learn more about some common referral indications.

    In addition, genetic counselors can consult with providers to deliver the following services:

    • Collection and assessment of detailed medical and family history information
    • Provision of genetics-related education
    • Discussion of the benefits and limitations of genetic testing
    • Up-to-date information regarding legal protections against genetic discrimination
    • Coordination of sample collection for genetic testing
    • Genetic test results interpretation
    • Discussion of risk-reduction and/or management options for your patients

    By providing these services, genetic counselors can help you use your time more efficiently, decrease liability and decrease overall costs.

    How do genetic counselors benefit patients?

    Genetic counselors are knowledgeable and up-to-date on the constantly changing field of genetics. They are trained to tailor, translate and communicate complex genetic information into practical, understandable decision-making information that you and your patients can use for their health management. This helps you ensure the best outcomes for your patients and higher patient satisfaction.

    Visit NSGC's Patient Resource Website for more information on how genetic counselors can work hand-in-hand with patients and their healthcare team to help them understand complex genetic information and make informed decisions.

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