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Thank you to everyone who shared in the inaugural Genetic Counselor Awareness Day! Your participation contributed to the wide success of the day. We are already looking forward to next year's event that will take place Thursday, November 8, 2018. Mark your calendars! 


Genetic Counselor Awareness Day is dedicated to empowering genetic counselors to help raise awareness and interest about genetic counselors in your communities and institutions, and to help consumers understand the important and supportive role genetic counselors can play in their healthcare.

Take Time for Professional Development

Invest in your own professional development to keep your skills sharp so you stay at the leading edge of the changes occurring in genetics, genetic counseling and healthcare today.

Genetic Counselor Awareness Day Webinar:
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Blazing the Trail:  Why Genetic Counselors Must Lead the Genomics Revolution

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Speaker: Ellen T. Matloff, MS, President and CEO, MyGeneCounsel

  • Objective 1: Explain the speakers' career trajectory and the successes, failures and challenges she has faced as a genetic counselor.
  • Objective 2: Discuss how genetic counselors must position themselves and our field as leaders, in order for our profession to move forward.
  • Objective 3: Examine why genetic counselors must lead the genomics revolution, and how genetic counselors can and must do so.


Spread the Word

The following tools and resources were developed to help you promote Genetic Counselor Awareness Day and awareness of genetic counselors.  Feel free to adapt and use these resources throughout the year.

  • Social Media Campaign: Create your own social media posts or download and share NSGC's sample posts and social media graphics and join our or join our Thunderclap to celebrate and spread the word about Genetic Counselor Awareness Day.  Use the hashtag #IAmaGeneticCounselor so others can easily follow your activity.

  • Twitter Chat: Connect with your fellow genetic counselors and help us spread awareness about the profession during a Twitter chat hosted by @GeneticCouns on November 9 2017 at 7:00 pm Central Time. Use the hashtag #IAmAGeneticCounselor to participate and share your story. 
  • "I Am a Genetic Counselor" Video: Share the video below to highlight the many roles of genetic counselors play in healthcare.

  • News ReleaseUse this news release to explain how genetic counselors support patients and healthcare providers while dispelling some common myths about genetic counselors and genetic counseling.

  • Genetic Counselor Awareness Day Flyer: Post one of these flyers at your institution to help spread the word about this important day and the work you do within your institution: 


English Version 1


English Version 2


Spanish Version 1


Spanish Version 2

  • PowerPoint Presentation Sample: Download this template presentation and use it in part or in whole, or customize it for your own use. Information includes what to expect when meeting with a genetic counselor, genetic counseling as a career and when to refer to a genetic counselor.

    • Looking for a blank PowerPoint template? Use this template to create your own presentation (available in two sizes: 4x3 and 16x9).

  • High School Lesson Plan:  Access this lesson plan developed by the ASHG and the Geneticist-Educator Network of Alliances (GENA) that places students in the role of genetic counselors as they work through a bioinformatics lesson. You can use this as the basis for a presentation to high school (or advanced middle school) students, or provide this to a teacher to use to highlight genetic counseling as a career choice.

Ways to Celebrate

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