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The mission of the Genomic Technologies SIG is to promote the education of both genetic counselors as well as health care providers about existing, new, and emerging genetics and genomics technologies. Molecular technologies are advancing at a rapid rate and the vast majority of genetic counselors did not receive any training in order to understand and critically evaluate the technologies used today. The mission of this SIG directly relates to and supports the NSGC's mission to advance the various roles of genetic counselors in health care by fostering education, research, and public policy to ensure the availability of quality genetic services.

Purpose:The purpose of the Genomic Technologies SIG is to pull together genetic counselors who are particularly versed in molecular genetics and genomics technologies. The SIG is intended to attract Genetic Counselors from a variety of work settings and specialties who are knowledgeable and/or interested in new and emerging genomic technologies. The genomic technologies SIG aims to facilitate the exchange of information and resources among genetic counselors so as to promote and ensure the highest quality counseling for patients. Further, the SIG serves as a hub for the coordination of educational needs as requested by genetic counselors and training program directors.  


Access the Genomic Technologies SIG community (including the Genomic Technologies SIG Discussion Forum and SIG Documents) here .

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