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The purpose of the Health IT SIG is to support genetic counselors and affiliated healthcare professionals in the meaningful use of health information technology within their clinical genetics practice. Examples of health IT include: electronic health records (EHR) systems, risk assessment tools, “red flag” questionnaires, and tools for family health history collection.

The Health IT SIG aligns with NSGC's Strategic Initiative 4, “NSGC will prepare and equip its members with the knowledge and tools to proactively navigate the upcoming changes in the healthcare system and in genetics/genomics,” especially Subpart 1 of Initiative 4, “NSGC will continually scan the environment for changes in healthcare and technology and communicate this information to the membership to provide anticipatory guidance and support adaptation to the changing environment.”

Further, this effort is consistent with the US Department of Health and Human Services' efforts to expand the use of electronic health records and standardized electronic processes to reduce health disparities within the United States. 

Benefits of Joining:

  • Participate in a discussion forum with genetics professionals at all stages of health IT engagement 
  • Accelerate progress of health IT integration within your practice:
    • Gain efficiency from knowledge sharing
    • Develop a more thorough understanding of the components of and resources need for the successful implementation of health IT products/services 
  • Determine priority projects for the Health IT SIG – which questions would you like answered first? What expert advice would help you over the next year of your practice? 
  • Research and publish with Health IT and other SIGs on questions of importance to the genetic counseling community.  
  • Share and test innovative ideas/potential research projects through collective brainstorming and detailed discussion with true subject matter experts 
  • Create a valuable network of health IT-engaged colleagues  


Access the Health IT SIG community (including the Health IT Discussion Forum and SIG Documents)  here .

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Grants/Award Opportunities

Review SIG grant award opportunities. 


Caiqian Cropper
Counsyl, Inc.

Lola Shukla
Indiana University School of Medicine

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