JGC/CEU Articles for Volume 26

A list of articles selected for the Journal of Genetic Counseling Continuing Education (JGC CEU) Program is provided below. Approximately two articles per issue are selected based on their interest to the profession and the quality of research employed to obtain the results of the study. The articles will be posted as the quizzes become available.

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Volume 26, No. 1 (Feb)

  1. "Ancestry Testing and the Practice of Genetic Counseling," by B. Kirkpatrick

  2. "Effect of Public Deliberation on Attitudes toward Return of Secondary Results in Genomic Sequencing," by M. Gornick

Volume 26, No. 2 (April)

  1. "Minding the Genes: a Multidisciplinary Approach towards Genetic Assessment of Cardiovascular Disease," by A. Rhodes

  2. "My Identical Twin Sequencing our Genome," by S. Schilit

Volume 26, No. 3 (June)

  1. "Standards for the Reporting of Genetic Counseling Interventions in Research and Other Studies (GCIRS): An NSGC Task Force Report" by G. Wells Hooker
  2. "A comprehensive review of pediatric tumors and associated cancer predisposition syndromes" by S. Scollon

Volume 26, No. 4 (August)

  1. "Genetic Counseling Assistants: an Integral Piece of the Evolving Genetic Counseling Service Delivery Model" by S. Piradeh-Miller
  2. "Experiences among Women with Positive Prenatal Expanded Carrier Screening Results" by E. Rothwell

Volume 26, No. 5 (October)

  1. "Pediatric Predispositional Genetic Risk Communication: Potential Utility for Prevention and Control of Melanoma Risk as an Exemplar" by Y. Wu
  2. "Outcomes of a Randomized Controlled Trial of Genomic Counseling for Patients Receiving Personalized and Actionable Complex Disease Reports" by K. Sweet
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