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The Late Career SIG is a new group (2016) for genetic counselors who are late career, transitioning to retirement, or retired from the genetic counseling profession. The purpose of the SIG is to provide an avenue to genetic counselors at or near the end of their paid careers to continue to contribute to the profession.


SIG members will initially participate in the election of SIG leadership and development of the group mission and activities. The initial vision is to develop a small number of projects, determined by the membership, that can be carried out at low cost and will contribute towards knowledge and/or professional development of genetic counselors and healthcare in general. Possible examples are:

  1. Raise money for scholarships for genetic counselors
  2. Mentor mid-career GCs about late career issues (e.g. advancement in academic, industry, and community settings, retirement, financial security)
  3. Research projects (e.g. study of mentoring using interview techniques to delineate barriers and best practices; study of late career issues such as existing literature, resources and support in other professions, transitions to and contributions after retirement, institutional barriers and facilitators of smooth transitions to late career changes)
  4. Advocacy (e.g. develop and advocate for better mechanisms for retention of genetic counselor retention practices, such as lowering the genetic counselor debt load by increasing loan payback programs as part of employers’ benefits)
  5. Education (offer webinar in topics that affect professional practice or late career issues (e.g. “principled negotiation”)

Benefits of the Late Career SIG membership

  • Membership in a group of accomplished senior genetic counselors who are available to advocate for and influence issues of professional interest.
  • Influence the direction of this new SIG at its inception.
  • Access to a new discussion group to discuss late career issues.
  • Provide a mechanism for conceptualizing, carrying out, and publishing projects of significance to the profession of genetic counseling, either across institutions or outside institutions.


Access the Late Career SIG community (including the Late Career SIG Discussion Forum and SIG Documents) here.

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Bonnie Baty, MS, CGC

June Peters, MS, CGC, LMFT

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