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NSGC Board of Directors Nominations and Elections Process

Each year, NSGC Members are called to actively participate in the call for nominations and slate approval process in order to determine the subsequent years' NSGC Board of Directors. The NSGC Board of Directors  is comprised of twelve members; the current list of Board members can be found on the NSGC Leadership page. 

In 2013 NSGC moved the timeline for NSGC's nominations and election process to the first quarter of the calendar year to allow individuals interested in a position with either NSGC or ABGC the opportunity to be nominated and considered by both organizations. Individuals nominated for an NSGC BOD position will be informed of their status with regard to NSGC's slate prior to the start of ABGC's nominations process.

Nominations Process Timeline

October  Nominating Committee: Call for member-at-large applications opens
December  2019 Nominating Committee formed
January  Call for candidates opens
February Call for candidates closes
March Nominating Committee reviews candidate applications and conducts candidate interviews
April Nominating Committee prepares the slate for member ratification
May Ballot opens: NSGC eligible members vote to ratify the presented BOD slate
June Election closes
July 2020 BOD election results shared with NSGC members

Call for Candidates

The Call for Candidates is the most critical part of the election process, during which members are able to self-nominate or nominate others for consideration for leadership positions. The following resources are available for candidates to review who are interested in joining the NSGC Board or nominating a qualified candidate(s):

Positions and Terms

The Board of Directors consists of five officer positions: President, President-Elect, Immediate Past President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Secretary/Treasurer-Elect. No person may hold more than one office simultaneously. The President-Elect, President, and Immediate Past President serve one (1) term of one (1) year in each of these offices. The Secretary/Treasurer and Secretary/Treasurer-Elect serve one (1) term of one (1) year in each of these offices. There are seven (7) Director at Large members of the Board. The Director at Large members serve a two-year term of office. For more information on NSGC officers/directors and terms, please review the NSGC Bylaws.

2019 Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is charged with the responsibility to put forth a slate of candidates for open positions on the Board of Directors that will best lead NSGC and that, to the degree possible from the pool of eligible nominees, reflects the high value NSGC places on diversity of all kinds, including diversity in skills, specialty, experience, culture, ethnicity and gender. The Nominating Committee’s two primary responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Present a slate of officers to serve for one-year terms beginning on January 1 of the following year.
  2. Present a slate of directors to serve for two-year terms beginning on January 1 of the following year.

The Nominating Committee shall consist of eight members: the Immediate Past President (chair), the President, two (2) Directors-at-Large (appointed by the President), and four (4) non-Board members appointed by the Membership Committee.

Slate Ratification

The Nominating Committee prepares the slate which is ratified via an open ballot by NSGC elligible voting members. This slate of candidates is the result of a thorough examination of all nominations that were received through the Call for Candidates process. 

As outlined in the NSGC Bylaws, the vote of a majority of the members present at the time of the vote, if a quorum is present, shall be the act of the members, unless the question or action is one upon which a different vote is required by express provision of statute, the Certificate of Incorporation or these Bylaws. Each full member shall have one vote. Voting by eligible members on all matters, including the election of Officers and Directors, may be conducted by mail and electronic media.


If you have any questions about the Nominations Process or any of the information listed on this page, please contact Carrie Wall, NSGC's Operations Manager or any of the 2018 NSGC Nominating Committee members.

2018 Nominating Committee

Mary Freivogel, Chair
Erica Ramos
Emily Edelman
Gillian Hooker
Christie Hoell
Emily Fassi
Sara Knapke
Taylor Berninger

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