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2019 Board of Directors 

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glljfdqn.jpg Gillian Hooker
Michelle Fox Headshot.jpg

Michelle Fox

Sara Riordan Headshot.jpg

Sara Riordan

Shivani Nazareth Headshot.jpg Shivani Nazareth
scott compressed.jpg Scott Weissman


Sara Pirzadeh-Miller Headshot.jpg Sara Pirzadeh-Miller
Colleen Campbell Headshot.jpg Colleen Campbell
heather compressed.jpg Heather Zierhut
wrbxchnv.jpg Amy Sturm
Immediate Past President
heather compressed.jpg Heather Shappell
meghan new.jpg Meghan Carey
Executive Director
 (ex officio)

colleen compressed.png
Colleen Schmitt
blair compressed.jpg Blair Stevens


Access & Service Delivery Committee

  • Deanna Erwin, Chair
  • Kendra Schaa, Vice Chair
  • Heather Zierhut, NSGC Board Liaison

Annual Conference Program Committee

  • Rachel Mills, Chair
  • Barry Tong, Vice Chair

Audrey Heimler Special Project Award Committee

  • Megan Maxwell, Chair
  • Katie Wusik, Vice Chair
  • Sara Pirzadeh-Miller, Immediate Past Chair
  • Priscilla Hodges
  • Emily Fassi
  • Megan McKenna
  • Shannon Mulligan
  • Blair Stevens, NSGC Board Liaison 

Continuing Education Review Subcommittee

  • Rebecca Luiten, Chair

Education Committee

  • Taylor Berninger, Chair
  • Dawn Nixon, Vice Chair
  • Michelle Fox, NSGC Board Liaison

Ethics Advisory Group

  • Maureen Flynn, Chair
  • Rebecca McClellan
  • Caitlin Mauer
  • Amy Mueller
  • William Campbell
  • Lauren Murphy
  • Emily Higgs

Finance Committee

  • Scott Weissman, Chair
  • Colleen Campbell, Vice Chair

Jane Engleberg Memorial Fellowship (JEMF) Advisory Group

  • Sarah Kalia, Chair
  • Beverly Yashar, Immediate Past Chair
  • Flavia Facio, Finance Chair
  • John Quillin, Secretary
  • Susan Hahn, Information Officer
  • Leila Jamal
  • Sara Fitzgerald-Butt
  • Blair Stevens, NSGC Board Liaison 

Marketing & Communications Workgroup

  • Rachel Shapira, Chair
  • Rebecca Freeman, Vice Chair
  • Amanda Gerard
  • Arpita Neogi
  • Chelsea Wagner
  • Christine Steele
  • Emily Nazar
  • Kristen Leppert
  • Kyle Davis
  • Lila Aiya
  • Paul Kezmarsky
  • Rebekah Moore
  • Rosalie Ferrari
  • Stefanie Geisler
  • Sohnee Ahmed
  • Shivani Nazareth, NSGC Board Liaison

Membership Committee

  • Christie Hoell, Chair
  • Phil Connors, Vice Chair
  • Colleen Schmitt, NSGC Board Liaison

Nominating Committee

  • Amy Sturm, Chair
  • Gillian Hooker
  • Michelle Fox
  • Shivani Nazareth
  • Shreshtha Garg
  • Shannon Kieran
  • Cori Feist
  • Grace-Ann Fasaye

Practice Guidelines Committee

  • Cindy James, Chair
  • Tara Schmidlen, Vice Chair
  • Heather Shappell, NSGC Board Liaison

Public Policy Committee

  • Cori Feist, Chair
  • Vivian Pan, Vice Chair
  • Gillian Hooker, NSGC Board Liaison
  • Sara Riordan, NSGC Board Liaison

Research/Outcomes Committee

  • Stephanie Cohen, Chair
  • Karin Wain, Vice Chair
  • Sara Pirzadeh-Miller, NSGC Board Liaison

2019 Special Interest Groups

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