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NSGC Leadership

2017 Board of Directors

Mary Freivogel

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MaryAnn Campion
Director At Large
E.Ramos.jpgErica Ramos

Curtis R. Coughlin II.jpgCurtis Coughlin II
Director At Large
Monica Marvin

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Katie Dunn
Director At Large
S.Dixon.JPGShannan Delany Dixon

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e.edelman.jpgEmily Edelman
Director At Large
Jehannine Austin
Immediate Past President

J. Flanagan.jpgJason Flanagan
Director At Large
Meghan Carey
Executive Director
(ex officio)
Erynn Gordon
Director At Large
S.Noblin.jpgSarah Noblin
Director At Large


Marketing & Communications Workgroup

Education Committee

Annual Conference Program Committee

Continuing Education Review Subcommittee

Public Policy Committee

Practice Guidelines Committee

Access & Service Delivery Committee

Membership Committee

Finance Committee

Nominating Committee

Ethics Advisory Group

  • Laura V. Barton, Chair
  • Stephanie Gandomi
  • Sandy Prucka
  • Cheryl Dickerson
  • Meghan Strenk
  • Maureen Flynn
  • Rebecca McClellan 
  • Lisa Parker

Jane Engleberg Memorial Fellowship (JEMF) Advisory Group

Audrey Heimler Special Project Award Committee

  • Heather Zierhut (chair)
  • Rosemarie Keefe
  • Meg Bradbury
  • Sara Pirzadeh-Miller
  • Liz Varga
  • Carrie Castonguay

2017 Special Interest Groups

  • ART/Infertility: Alyssa Snider and Alleigh Hebner
  • Cancer: Flora Poleshchuk and Andrea Forman  
  • Cardiovascular Genetics: Sara Fitzgerald-Butt and Rebecca Latimer 
  • Cystic Fibrosis: Matt Pastore and Amy Powers 
  • Education: Carrie Guy and Julie Hufham 
  • Genomic Technologies: Kimberly Banks and Kelly Hagman
  • Health IT: Megan Frone and Willonie Mendonca
  • Industry: Kate Wilson and Jackie Riley 
  • International: Yue Guan and Jennifer Fitzpatrick
  • Late Career: Bonnie Baty 
  • Leadership and Management: Leah Williams and Leslie Bucheit
  • Metabolism/LSD: Lauren McNair Baggett and Elizabeth Smith 
  • Neurogenetics: Amanda Bergner and Carly Siskind 
  • Pediatric: Afifa Irani and Juliann McConnell
  • Precision Medicine: Shana White and Anna Victorine
  • Prenatal: Cori Feist and Melissa Vanden Berg  
  • Psychiatric Disorders: Emily Morris and Lauren Murphy
  • Public Health:
  • Research: Morgan Similuk and Megan Cho 
  • Student / New Member: GC Katlin Allsbrook and Erin Syverson
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