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2019 Board of Directors 

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wrbxchnv.jpg Amy Sturm

Deepti Babu
Director At Large

glljfdqn.jpg Gillian Hooker
blair compressed.jpg Blair Stevens
Director At Large
Carrie Atzinger headshot.jpg Carrie Atzinger
llfqctcd.jpg Shannan Dixon
Director At Large
scott compressed.jpg Scott Weissman


colleen compressed.png Colleen Schmitt
Director At Large
ERamos_headshot.jpg Erica Ramos
Immediate Past President
heather compressed.jpg Heather Shappell
Director At Large
meghan new.jpg Meghan Carey
Executive Director
 (ex officio)

xwhqwgby.jpg Liz Varga
Director At Large
heather compressed.jpg Heather Zierhut
Director At Large


Marketing & Communications Workgroup

  • Rebekah Moore, Chair
  • Rachel Shapira, Vice Chair
  • Colleen Schmitt, NSGC Board Liaison

Education Committee

  • Carrie Guy, Chair
  • Taylor Berninger, Vice Chair
  • Heather Zierhut, NSGC Board Liaison

Annual Conference Program Committee

  • Katherine Lafferty, Chair
  • Rachel Mills, Vice Chair

Continuing Education Review Subcommittee

  • Elyse Mitchell, Chair

Public Policy Committee

  • Leila Jamal, Chair
  • Cori Feist, Vice Chair
  • Amy Sturm, NSGC Board Liaison
  • MaryAnn Campion, NSGC Board Liaison

Practice Guidelines Committee

Access & Service Delivery Committee

Membership Committee

  • Katie Bergstrom, Chair
  • Christie Hoell, Vice Chair
  • Deepti Babu, NSGC Board Liaison

Outcomes Committee

Finance Committee

  • Carrie Atzinger, Chair
  • Scott Weissman, Vice Chair

Nominating Committee

  • Erica Ramos, Chair

Ethics Advisory Group

  • Meghan Strenk, Chair
  • Maureen Flynn
  • Rebecca McClellan
  • Caitlin Mauer
  • Amy Mueller
  • William Campbell
  • Lauren Murphy 

Jane Engleberg Memorial Fellowship (JEMF) Advisory Group

Audrey Heimler Special Project Award Committee

  • Sara Pirzadeh-Miller, Chair
  • Megan Maxwell, Vice Chair
  • Meg Bradbury, Immediate Past Chair
  • Priscilla Hodges
  • Liz Varga
  • Carrie Castonguay
  • Katie Wusik
  • Emily Fassi
  • Blair Stevens, NSGC Board Liaison 

2019 Task Forces

Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

  • Julia Platt, Co-Chair
  • Aishwarya Arjunan, Co-Chair
  • Kaitlyn Brown
  • Kara Bui
  • Nadine Channaoui
  • Mitch Cunnigham
  • Priscila Delgado Hodges
  • Tracey Grant
  • Ambreen Khan
  • Kristal Platt
  • Bruce R Haas
  • Hebbah Sayed-Ahmad
  • Nicole Thompson
  • Chani Wiesman
  • Kami Wolfe Schneider
  • Erica Ramos, NSGC Board Liaison 

NSGCares Task Force

  • Jay Flanagan, Co-Chair
  • Sarah Noblin, Co-Chair
  • Kaitlyn Amos
  • Melanie Baxter
  • Beth Denne
  • Sam Hyde
  • Amy Swanson
  • Kathleen Valverde

Research Task Force

  • Leigha Senter, Chair
  • Megan Cho
  • Jill Dolinsky
  • Stephanie Harris
  • Erin Linnenbringer
  • Ian MacFarlane
  • Vivian Pan
  • John Quillin
  • Julia Wynn
  • Gillian Hooker, NSGC Board Liaison

2019 Special Interest Groups

  • ART/Infertility: Alleigh Hebner and Gena Shepherd
  • Cancer: Megan Frone and Sarah Bannon  
  • Cardiovascular Genetics: Allison Cirino and Katherine Agre
  • Cystic Fibrosis: Kim Foil and Anna Essendrup
  • Education: Megan Tucker and Nikkola Carmichael
  • Genomic Technologies: Zoe Powis and Shannon Kieran
  • Health IT: Caiqian Cropper and Lola Shukla
  • Industry: Lauren Ryan and Melanie Hardy
  • International: Yue Guan and Arpita Neogi
  • Late-Career: Bonnie Baty and June Peters
  • Leadership and Management: Melanie Hardy and Holly Taylor
  • Metabolism/LSD: Meghan Strenk and Rachel Hickey
  • Neurogenetics: Krista Qualmann and Catherine Schultz
  • Pediatric: Audra Bettinelli and Jessica Kianmahd
  • Precision Medicine: Marci Schwartz and Tara Schmidlen
  • Prenatal: Christina Dupre and Katelyn Sagaser
  • Psychiatric Disorders: Emily Morris and Kennedy Borle
  • Public Health: Becca Vanderwall and Afifa Hamilton
  • Research: Julia Wynn and Courtney Berrios
  • Student / New Member: Tia Moscarello and Sarah Mazzola
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