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The Precision Medicine SIG aims to promote the role of genetic counselors in personalized and genomic medicine.  We will provide leadership on public policy issues, foster active research, explore and develop genomic counseling service delivery models and educate the public, policymakers, healthcare industry leaders, as well as the NSGC leadership on issues that affect personalized medicine.


Access the Precision Medicine SIG community (including the Precision Medicine Discussion Forum and SIG Documents) here.

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Grants/Award Opportunities 

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Marci Schwartz

Tara Schmidlen

Precision Medicine SIG Subcommittees:

Consumer-Driven Genetic Testing
Stacey Detweiler
Rod Philp

Education & Outreach
Kristen Koprowski 
Sienna Aguilar 
Emily Fassi, Social Media Liaison 

Elective Genome Sequencing
Christina Rybak 
Emily Qian

Amisha Shah Punj  

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