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About the NSGC Podcast Series

The NSGC Podcast Series explores leading voices and best practices in genetic counseling in an easy, on-the-go format for NSGC members. The series is available for download today - search "NSGC Podcast Series" in the iTunes StoreGoogle Play Music, or wherever you download your podcasts. 

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Episodes are released bi-monthly. Podcast materials and episodes will be updated below as they are made available:

2020 Episodes:

August: Diversity and Inclusion in Genetic Counseling Research, Training, and Practice
In this episode, we’ll be discussing diversity and inclusion in genetic counseling practice, research, and training, using a recent journal of genetic counseling article as jumping-off point.. 

Listen to the Episode | Transcript Coming Soon! 

June: GCs in Academia: When is a PhD the right Path?
In this episode, each Podcast Subcommittee member speaks with a different genetic counseling superstar to discuss GCs who pursue doctorate degrees. 

Listen to the Episode | Download the Transcript

April: Who Makes More? Addressing the Gender Pay Gap in Genetic Counseling
This month, our hosts sit down with three guests to discuss the current gender pay gap in genetic counseling, and how we can advocate for our own profession for the future. 

Listen to the Episode | Download the Transcript 

February#IAmAGeneticCounselor - What's in a Name? 
In this months episode, our speakers discuss the title of genetic counselor and how it relates to our roles.  

Listen to the Episode | Download the Transcript

-Released December 2019
-Hosts: Khalida Liaquat, MS, CGC and Kate Wilson, MS, CGC
-Speakers: Bonnie Baty, Katie Bergstrom, Sylvia Mann, Michelle Takemoto, Kyle Salsbury, Monica Marvin

2019 Episodes: Click Here

2018 Episodes: Click Here

Subcommittee Members, 2020: 

  • Khalida Liaquat, Chair
  • Naomi Wagner, Co-Chair 
  • Kayla Sheets, Subcommittee Member
  • Rawan Awwad, Subcommittee Member
  • Alana Embury, NSGC Education Coordinator
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