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To create a positive and approachable environment in which students and new genetic counselors can get involved with their professional society early in their careers; to facilitate communication, mentorship, and collaboration within our membership and between other SIGs and Committees; to allow our members to participate in or lead projects in line with their personal interests via five task forces; to promote continuous growth of our members’ professional network and relationships.

Other SIG Benefits:

  • Scholarship opportunities: Travel grant to the Annual Conference and a 1-year membership to NSGC
  • Boards Studying Match Group process (every 6 months)·
  • Quarterly newsletters alerting you to SIG activities, scholarship opportunities across SIGs, and sign-ups for various SIG activities.
  • A built-in community of over 100 members
  • Monthly calls with a peer supervision group to discuss challenging cases or professional issues with peers.
  • Resource library to assist you in your clinical practice
  • A chance to inspire the next generation by developing resources or planning events for prospective genetic counseling students.

Task Forces

Education/Certification (ECTF):

  • Engage current genetic counseling students by raising awareness of the SIG and providing students with opportunities for involvement.
  • Organize bi-annual boards study groups nationwide and provide support throughout the study period. 
  • Serve students and new members by surveying new counselors on studying tactics and certification experiences. 
  • Connect new counselors in cities or regions through “ambassadors” who are members of the task force that coordinate activities for new counselors in the area.
  • Assist in the creation of educational resources via webinars and editorial pieces on current issues faced by students and new graduates.

Outreach (OTF):

  • Expand communication with the community about genetic counseling to increase awareness of the field using events and initiatives to launch genetic counseling student interest groups across the nation.
  • Create and disseminate a handbook for launching and sustaining genetic counseling student interest groups on college campuses with and without genetic counseling programs, and provide support to these groups as they grow.
  • Participate in and support outreach activities including face-to-face, electronic, and community outreach efforts directed towards the general population, high school age students, and college campuses including guidance counselors, professors, and students.

    Prospective Students (PSTF):

    • Compile FAQ sheets outlining general information about application requirements and deadlines.
    • Create a comprehensive recurring calendar of important dates for each program, which will include application requirements, deadlines and program-specific events. The goal is that information specific to each program is easily accessible from a single website.
    • Compose a newsletter about the genetic counseling profession, highlighting a “hot topic” in genetics and a practicing genetic counselor to help prospective students understand a “day in the life”.

    Resources (RTF):

    • Create and organize a "resource bank" of websites, links, pictures, etc that is organized based on resource type and specialty.
    • Survey NSGC members regarding tools and resources they use to further their practice. This includes but is not limited to books, links to guidelines, podcasts, visual aids, blogs, Twitter feeds, state-specific patient resources/support groups. 
    • Collaborate with SIG members to create a "pop culture update" for genetic counselors that provides recent genetic/genetic counseling showcases. This would be formatted on a one page sheet that can be emailed on a monthly basis to SIG members. 


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