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2018 Professional Status Survey Reports

The NSGC Professional Status Survey (PSS) offers an inside view of the profession, including salary ranges, benefits, work environments, faculty status and even job satisfaction. 

The 2018 PSS includes six reports that provide greater detail on each of their respective topics.  An Executive Summary of the 2018 report is available to the public.  The full reports are available to NSGC members free of charge and to the public for a fee.  The 2018 PSS reports are as follows:

  1. The Demographics & Methodology Report shows who responded to the 2018 PSS by gender, race/ethnicity, geographic representation, education, years of experience, and many other variables of interest.
  2. The Salary & Benefits Report provides detailed analyses of salaries in the genetic counseling profession. The report also provides information about per diem and hourly rates, bonuses and commissions, average raises and extra income, benefits, vacation time, conference funding and employer-funded extras for genetic counselors.
  3. The Work Environment Report provides information from genetic counselors about the nature of their work, areas of practice, and involvement in professional activities. 
  4. The Service Delivery & Access Report details how genetic counselors deliver their services to clients, weekly caseloads, and patient access to genetic counselors.
  5. The Professional Overview & Satisfaction Report examines the various facets of satisfaction with the genetic counseling profession.
  6. The Executive Summary provides a high-level overview of the survey responses of most interest to members of the NSGC and others who may be interested in the results of the 2018 PSS.

If you have any feedback about the PSS reports, please contact psscomments@nsgc.org

2018 NSGC PSS Executive Summary

2018 PSS Reports (NSGC members only)

The 2018 PSS Full Infographic is posted on this page and is available for download. Download the individual Accessibility, Work Environment, and Career Profile infographics here. 

Non-members interested in purchasing a copy of the 2018 PSS reports should contact the NSGC Executive Office at nsgc@nsgc.org.

Past PSS Reports


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