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NSGC Practice Guidelines

The NSGC Practice Guidelines Committee is Extending its 2020 Application Deadline!

The Practice Guidelines Committee (PGC) oversees NSGC’s clinical practice guideline and practice resource efforts by identifying topics, supporting author groups, and facilitating document review. The PGC is a fun and hardworking group of volunteers who come from a range of genetic counseling backgrounds. The Committee is looking for hardworking and energetic individuals who are eager to learn. The PGC does not require applicants to have previous practice guideline or systematic review experience.

Applicants should complete the PGC’s COI Disclosure (please indicate that you have completed the Disclosure in your submission email), and email their CVs and one-page statements of interest (word document or pdf), as well as any questions, to Molly Giammarco by Friday, November 15, 2019, at 5pm PST.

NSGC Practice Guideline Process

In 2015, the NSGC Practice Guidelines Committee implemented a new guideline process for authors developing NSGC Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines. The Guideline Development Manual below outlines NSGC's criteria and includes an Appendix with all relevant forms, documents, and background for authors and individuals who submit topic proposals. The Committee also established criteria for Practice Resource documents, which focus on topics that do not have an evidence-base to meet NSGC's Practice Guideline criteria.

Key changes to the practice guideline process include:

  • Required systematic evidence review
  • New Conflict of Interest Disclosure Survey (specific to the Practice Guidelines Committee)
  • Alternate Practice Resource document option
  • Removal of Expert Review
  • Addition of an NSGC Member-comment period

NSGC Practice Guidelines & Practice Resources Information

NSGC Practice Guidelines Conflict of Interest Documents

NSGC Practice Guideline Committee Chair and Vice Chair (2019)

NSGC Practice Guidelines Member Access

NSGC Members: To access the full articles, please visit the Journal of Genetic Counseling. By accessing the Journal through the NSGC website portal, you can search for practice guidelines you would like to view.

NSGC Practice Guidelines (Pre-2015 )

NSGC Practice Resources, by Topic

Practice Guidelines in Development, by Topic

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Systematic Review Author Group

  • Susan Christian*
  • Allison Cirino*
  • Brittany Psensky
  • Stephanie Harris
  • Andrea Murad
  • Melissa Kelly*

Practice Guideline Author Group

  • Jodie Ingles*
  • Erin Miller*
  • Emily Brown
  • Nicole Johnson
  • Linda Knight
  • Christina Rigelsky


Systematic Review Author Group

  • Amanda Bergner
  • Ann Poduri
  • Beth Sheidley*
  • David Gloss
  • Emily Partack
  • Louise Bier
  • Maureen Mulhern
  • Meaghan Muir
  • Weiyi Mu

Practice Guideline Author Group

  • Beth Sheidley
  • Katie Helbig
  • Katlin Peck
  • Lacey Smith
  • Natalie Lippa*
  • Nephi Walton
  • Sophia Ceulemans


Systematic Review Author Group

  • Cara Cacioppo
  • Kate Shane-Carson
  • Kate Lynch
  • Lola Cook Shukla
  • Melanie Hardy
  • Noelle Danylchuk*
  • Rachel Nusbaum
  • Susan Steelman

Practice Guideline Author Group

  • Alissa Bovee Terry
  • Courtney Rice
  • Deborah Hartzfeld
  • Jennifer Eichmeyer
  • Karmen Trzupuk
  • Katherine Dempsey
  • Kristi Fissell
  • Nicholas Paolino
  • Sarah Green

Expanded Carrier Screening

Systematic Review Author Group

  • Aarti Ramdaney*
  • Amy Taylor
  • Caitlin Grabarits
  • Gabriel Lazarin
  • Lauren Lichten
  • Lauren Propst
  • Malorie Jones

Practice Guideline Author Group

  • Lisa Oakes*
  • Blair Stevens
  • Jennifer Wallace
  • Katie Sagaser
  • Kelly Chen
  • Lauren Westerfield
  • Melissa Hicks
  • Tomi Toler

Hereditary Cancer

Systematic Review Author Group

  • Julie Culver
  • Chris Stave
  • Linda Cheng
  • Mary Pritzlaff
  • Nicole Bertsch
  • Ravi Sharif
  • Shannon Stasi
  • Smita Rao
  • Raluca Kurz

Practice Guideline Author Group

  • Erin Salo-Mullen
  • Amy Cronister
  • Brooke Levin
  • Kami Wolfe Schneider
  • Pamela Brock
  • Raluca Kurz
  • Rochelle Demsky

Monogenic Diabetes 

Systematic Review Author Group

  • Yue Guan*
  • Robin King
  • Amy Knight Johnson
  • Callie Diamonstein
  • Sheila Saliganan
  • Erin McGinnis
  • Emily Glogowski
  • Andrea Shipper

Practice Guideline Author Group

  • Shannon Rego*
  • Jessica Goehringer
  • Liz Mizerik
  • Kathryn Keiser
  • Toni Pollin
  • Devin Steenkamp
  • Kristin Maloney
  • Miriam Udler
  • Susie Perkowitz

Practice Resources in Development, by Topic

Neurofibromatosis Type 1

Practice Resource Author Group

  • Amanda Bergner
  • Ashley Cannon*
  • Allison Goetsch
  • Caroline McGowan
  • Heather Radtke*
  • Karin Panzer
  • Melissa Gibbons

Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Practice Resource Author Group

  • Janice Berliner*
  • Shelly Cummings
  • Brittany Burnette
  • Charite Ricker
  • Tara Schmidlen

Clinical Documentation

Practice Resource Author Group

  • Katherine Hunt Brendish*
  • Chelsea Alexander
  • Jennifer Lemons
  • Erin Carmany
  • Devanshi Patel
  • Kristen Yu
  • Andrew Gunter
  • Melissa Gibbons

Lynch Syndrome

Practice Resource Author Group

  • Joy Larsen Haidle
  • Michael John Hall
  • Heather Hampel
  • Spring Holter*
  • Sonia Kupfer
  • Kory W. Jasperson
  • Selvi N. Palaniappan
  • Scott M. Weissman
  • Matthew Yurgelun
  • Elena Martinez Stoffel
  • Nancy You
  • Maureen Mork

Human Pedigree Nomenclature

Practice Resource Author Group
  • Bob Resta
  • Deb Doyle
  • Jehannine Austin
  • Kathryn Steinhaus French
  • Leslie Ordal
  • Robin Bennett

Retired NSGC Practice Guidelines, by Topic

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