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Prenatal Counseling/Ultrasound Anomalies SIG


The mission of the Prenatal Special Interest Group is to advocate for genetic counselors as an integral part of preconception and prenatal care by

  • Serving as an expert resource for NSGC and the Board of Directors
  • Providing resources for prenatal genetic counselors
  • Promoting research and education in the area of reproductive genetics

This special interest group was created to unite genetic counselors working or conducting research in the prenatal setting. It is maintained by members of NSGC who provide genetic counseling, education, or support for prenatal evaluation including biochemical, molecular, and sonographic testing, potential teratogenic exposures, and suspected positive family history.

As prenatal screening and testing technology is changing at a rapid rate, this SIG can also serve to educate the broader genetic counseling community regarding current and cutting edge technologies and relevant clinical practice recommendations.


  • Access to the activities and listserv (email) discussion group regarding the most pertinent information within reproductive genetics
  • Involvement in creating and accessing education materials developed through SIG projects
  • Eligibility for grants supported by the SIG to further research within reproductive genetics
  • Opportunity to participate in SIG-sponsored educational sessions at the NSGC AEC

Access the Prenatal Counseling/Ultrasound Anomalies SIG community (including the Prenatal Counseling/Ultrasound Anomalies Discussion Forum and SIG Documents) here.

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Grants/Award Opportunities

Review SIG grant award opportunities. 


Christina Dupre

Katie Sagaser

Communication Committee Chair
Kristen Leppert

Education Committee Chair
Aarti Ramdaney

Research and Publications Committee Chair
Shannon Mulligan

Grant Award Committee Chair
Diana Bailey

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