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NSGC Sponsored Webinar Series

November 15, 2023: AstraZeneca Sponsored Webinar

As the need for genetic counseling continues to grow, meeting this increased demand as an institution and provider can pose challenges. By developing more efficient service delivery models, more patients may be able to access crucial genetic testing and targeted cancer treatment.

Watch the webinar, sponsored by AstraZeneca, to learn about two alternative service delivery models, the challenges faced by genetic counselors during their implementation, and their impact on expanding access to genetic testing for appropriate patients.

You will hear from:

  • Brian Reys, MS, CGC, Manager of Cancer Genetics at UT Southwestern Medical Center 
  • Morgan Dally, MS, CGC, Genetics Manager at Franciscan Health
  • Jill Stopfer, MS, CGC, Associate Director of Genetic Counseling at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Key learnings include:

  • Strategies for accessible education in the pretest setting
  • Frameworks to integrate patients, physicians, nurse navigators, and testing coordinators into the genetic counseling process 
  • Workflows to get genetic testing results quickly and streamline quality care

This recording will be available on NSGC’s website until December 31, 2024. If you have any questions please contact

May 25, 2022: Polygenic Risk Scores for All: Strategies for Applying PRS in Diverse Ancestries for the Prevention of Common Disease

Are you interested in learning more about how to report on polygenic risk score (PRS) analysis for common diseases for patients of diverse ancestries?

Dr. George Busby, and Emma Perez will cover the crucial role of PRS in precision risk assessment and how to best report on PRS for diverse individuals. Their presentation will be followed by a live Q&A.

During this webinar, you will learn about:

  • The latest clinical applications for PRS analysis and reporting in multiple ancestries
  • Approaches for ancestry-informed PRS analysis
  • Ongoing research efforts to increase diversity in genomics research

For more information, contact