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Professional Status Survey (PSS)

The NSGC Professional Status Survey (PSS) offers an inside view of the profession, including salary ranges, benefits, work environments, faculty status, and job satisfaction. The PSS is sent out to all NSGC members yearly in January.

Full PSS reports are available to NSGC members free of charge, and to the public for a fee. If you are not an NSGC member and are interested in purchasing the PSS, please contact

If you are interesting in utilizing data from the PSS for research purposes, please click here to view the PSS Data Access Policy. Please note that no PSS data access requests will be reviewed and/or approved in March, April, and early May.

Interested in learning more about the PSS? Register for this webinar presented by the PSS Committee! All genetic counseling students are invited to attend this webinar to learn more about the data that may be available to support research projects. In addition, all genetic counselors are invited to attend to learn more about how PSS data is used to advance and advocate for the genetic counseling profession.

2023 Professional Status Survey

The 2023 PSS includes one comprehensive report that provides greater detail on each of the topics listed below. An Executive Summary of the 2023 report is also available to the public.

  1. The PSS Respondents Chapter provides a high-level overview of the composition of survey respondents to the 2023 PSS.
  2. The Work Environment Chapter provides information from genetic counselors about the nature of their work, areas of practice, and professional roles. 
  3. The Workforce Overview Chapter examines aspects of genetic counselor professional development, the job market, and trends in the genetic counseling workforce.
  4. The Service Delivery and Access Chapter details how genetic counselors deliver their services to clients, caseload information, and patient access to genetic counselors. 
  5. The Professional Satisfaction Chapter provides information about satisfaction with the profession and burnout.
  6. The Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (J.E.D.I.) Chapter examines several facets of diversity and inclusion within the genetic counseling profession. 
  7. The Salary and Benefits Chapter provides detailed analyses of salaries in the genetic counseling profession. The report also provides information about per diem and hourly rates, bonuses and commissions, average raises and extra income, benefits, vacation time, conference funding, and employer-funded benefits for genetic counselors. 

Download the 2023 PSS Executive Summary

Download the 2023 PSS Report (NSGC members only)

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National Society of Genetic Counselors. (2023) 2023 Professional Status Survey

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