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Meghan Carey

Executive Director

Government Relations and Advocacy Team

John Richardson.jpg

John Richardson

Policy & Government Relations 

Contact John for questions on:

  • Federal Advocacy/CMS recognition
  • State Licensure
  • Payer Relations
  • General Advocacy and Policy Support


Jennifer Trotter

Policy & Government Relations

Contact Jennifer for questions on:

  • Access and Service Delivery Committee
  • Practice Guidelines Committee
  • Public Policy Committee
  • Research, Quality, and Outcomes Committee
  • State Licensure Resources
  • Payer Resources



J.E.D.I. Manager

  • J.E.D.I. Committee
  • J.E.D.I. Action Plan Implementation Strategy & Oversight

Membership Operations Team

Carrie Wall Headshot.jpg

Carrie Wall

Manager, Operations

Contact Carrie for questions on:

  • Board of Directors
  • Nominating Committee
  • SIG Task Force 
  • NSGC Budget/Financials
  • NSGCares Workgroup


Madeline Stanke

Senior Coordinator, Membership

Contact Madeline for questions on:

  • Audrey Heimler Special Project Award (AHSPA)
  • Awards Committee
  • Jane Engelberg Memorial Fellowship (JEMF)
  • Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (J.E.D.I) Stewardship Committee
  • Professional Status Survey Committee


Sydney Von Holten

Senior Associate, Membership

Contact Sydney for questions on:

  • NSGC Communication Opportunities
  • Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  • Membership Renewal
  • Industry Council Fulfillment 
  • Membership Committee

Education Operations Team

Strang, Katie.jpg

Kim Garber

Manager, Education

Contact Kim for questions on:

  • Education and Annual Conference Initiatives
  • Education Committee
  • NSGC Online Course Development and Topics


Kristen Perry

Coordinator, Conference 

Contact Kristen for questions on:

  • Program Committee
  • NSGC Member Podcast 
  • Podcast Subcommittee

Strang, Katie.jpg

Jason Carter

Senior Associate, Education

Contact Jason for quesitons on: 

  • NSGC Member Webinar Series
  • Accounts Payable & Receivable 
  • Webinar Series Subcommittee


Cara Trauscht

Senior Associate, Education 

Contact Cara for questions on:

  • NSGC Online Courses
  • Annual Conference Recordings Packages
  • Annual Conference Abstract Submission


Jennifer Aron

Senior Associate, Continuing Education

Contact Jennifer for questions on:

  • Submitting for Category 1 & 2 CEU Approval
  • Missing CEU Certificate Requests
  • Journal of Genetic Counseling CEU Program


Grant Whittaker

Associate, Continuing Education

Contact Grant for questions on:

  • Submitting for Category 1 & 2 CEU Approval
  • Missing CEU Certificate Requests
  • Journal of Genetic Counseling CEU Program

Sales Team


Amanda Patrick

Manager, Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales

Contact Amanda for questions on:

  • Annual Conference Sponsorship
  • Exhibiting at the Annual Conference
  • Year-Round Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Prospectus Opportunities


Jessica Eustice

Director, Corporate Relations

Contact Jessica for questions on:

  • Strategic Partnership Opportunities
  • Educational Resource Development
  • Advocacy Efforts
  • Collaborative Projects
  • And to Learn More About Partnering With NSGC!

Events Team


Paul Wentzel

Senior Manager, Conference Logistics

Contact Paul for questions on: 

  • Annual Conference Logistics


Stefanie Walter

Manager, Exhibits and Sponsorship

Contact Stefanie for Questions on: 

  • Annual Conference Floor Plan
  • Trade Show – Exhibits
  • Annual Conference Sponsorship Fulfillment 

Marketing and Communications

Jennifer Kasowicz

Jennifer Kasowicz

Director, Marketing


Hannah Durnas

Hannah Durnas

Manager, Marketing

NSGC Staff Team Bios

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