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Genetic Counselor Awareness Day

Genetic Counselor Awareness Day is typically hosted on the second Thursday in November each year. It is dedicated to empowering genetic counselors to help raise awareness and interest about genetic counselors in your communities and institutions, and to help consumers understand the important and supportive role genetic counselors can play as part of their healthcare team.

2024 Save the Date

Save the date for this year's Genetic Counselor Awareness Day, which will take place on Thursday, November 14, 2024. See below for how we celebrated Genetic Counselor Awareness Day in 2023.

2023 Activity Schedule

  • Join us on NSGC’s social media channels for a live stream to kick-start Genetic Counselor Awareness Day 2023. More details will be posted as soon as they have been finalized! 
  • 9:00 AM CT - Follow up with your local media to spread the word about genetic counseling using the provided customizable media pitches.
  • 12:00 PM CT – Join NSGC for our Genetic Counselor Awareness Day webinar hosted by the International SIG. Click here to register
  • 2:00 PM CT -  Head over to Perspectives to read about genetic counselors who are committed to building community within the profession. 
  • Post a Genetic Counselor Awareness Day flyer at your institution and spread the word about this important day.

2023 Resources

  • Genetic Counselor Awareness Day flyers: Post one of these flyers at your institution to help spread the word about this important day and the work you do within your institution. 
  • Support letter: Download this template letter and use it to request your employer's support of Genetic Counselor Awareness Day.
  • Zoom background: Help promote Genetic Counselor Awareness Day by downloading this Zoom background. 
  • Media toolkit: This is your chance to reach out to media and your social media network to spread the word about local genetic counselors and the profession’s role in healthcare. See below for the 2023 media toolkits: 
  • PowerPoint presentation template and sample: Use this downloadable presentation and use it in part or in whole, or customize it for your own use. It includes slides on what to expect when meeting with a genetic counselor (for a consumer audience), genetic counseling as a career (for a prospective student audience) and when to refer to a genetic counselor (for a healthcare provider/physician audience)
  • Genetic Counselor Referral Tool:  Share our web resource, "Can meeting with a genetic counselor help me?" with members of the general public to help individuals determine whether meeting with a genetetic counselor could be helpful for them or members of their family.  

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