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State Licensure for Genetic Counselors

Many genetic counselors who have successfully obtained licensure in their states continue to work with the Government Relations and Licensure Subcommittee to provide support and expertise to other genetic counselors pursuing licensure in their states.

Pursuing State Licensure

If you are interested in pursuing licensure in your state, please contact Andrew Buckley, Government Relations Sr. Associate for NSGC, at to learn more about the process, as well as additional resources available to you. You can also connect with other GCs pursuing licensure or in the rulemaking process via the NSGC State Licensure Questions Forum.

Licensure Resources

  • State Licensure Map: view a map of states that currently offer licensure, those with bills passed/in rulemaking, and those in the process of obtaining licensure.
  • Licensure Laws By State: view resources listed by state for all states that currently offer licensure for genetic counselors.
  • Multi-State Licensure Resources: view resources to guide you through the process of applying for licenses in multiple states.
  • Ordering Tests by State: view the states that explicitly allow genetic counselors to order tests, the state that prohibits it, and those whose laws are less explicit.
  • State Licensure FAQ: get answers to the most commonly asked questions about the practice of genetic counseling and licensure.
  • State Licensure Grant Awards: State Licensure Grant Awards provide grant money to support efforts by genetic counselors to establish state-by-state licensure for our profession.
  • NSGC's Guiding Principles for State Licensure: NSGC approved Licensure Guiding Principles to provide national guidance to genetic counselors seeking licensure in their respective states. NSGC will formally support efforts in states that pursue legislation that align with these principles and encourages members to take advantage of the Society's experienced lobbyists.
  • Model Legislative Provisions: this model provides an outline for how licensure legislation should be structured to achieve optimal results; The model language ensures uniformity among the nation’s genetic counselors so that laws regulating the practice of genetic counseling are widely applied. Uniformity may provide greater flexibility between states regarding genetic counselor practice, and most importantly, ensure the highest quality services. Although the actual structure of legislation may vary among states, the essence of the legislation should be as uniform as possible.

Licensure Resources Available Upon Request

To request any of the below resources, please reach out to Andrew Buckley, Government Relations Sr. Associate, at and include "NSGC State Licensure Resource Request" in the subject line.  

  • NSGC Multi-State Licensure Webinar and Webinar Q&A: NSGC member webinar recording, discussing how to Navigate Licensure Within Multiple States.
  • Genetic Counselor Licensure Overview: a process and strategic overview for organizing, developing, and pursuing licensure in your state.
  • Genetic Counselor Licensure White Paper: template to assist to educate policymakers and potential supporters about genetic counseling and the benefits of genetic counselor licensure in your state.
  • Genetic Counselor Licensure Letters of Support (Individual & Organization): templates to help individuals and organizations that support your effort speak to your cause.
  • Genetic Counselor Licensure Testimony: templates for individuals who agree to testify on behalf of your bill. 
  • Genetic Counselor Cases of Harm Reference: information on the cases of harms that have occurred when certified and non-certified genetic counselors practice.
  • Genetic Counselor Cases of Harm Talking Points: talking points to address cases of harm.
  • Model Sunrise Application: states often use a sunrise process to assess the necessity and impact of proposals for new and increased occupational regulation. Sunrise applications are usually a series of questions that help the legislative body evaluate the need for an occupation's request for increased regulation.
  • Genetic Counselor Licensure Guide to Hiring a Lobbyist: resource to help determine whether your state effort should hire a lobbyist and the points that you should consider when identifying and hiring a lobbyist.
  • State Licensure Contacts: listing of fellow genetic counselors who have successfully achieved licensure in their states are on hand as resources for advice and support.
  • State Licensure Application Resource: a compilation of each state's licensure application requirements, including contact information, forms, and associated fees.