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Genetic counselors equip and empower patients and their families with information, guidance, and emotional support throughout the process of learning about one’s genetic health risks. Students who are interested in a field that integrates genetics and healthcare with the human experience and are passionate about helping people, may find genetic counseling professionally challenging and personally rewarding.

There are more than 6,000 certified genetic counselors working in the U.S. today and who see patients in-person, provide consults over the telephone or video calls, or work in laboratories. Genetic counselors help people understand their family’s medical history, evaluate genetic testing options, and make informed choices from testing to results.

If you are an educator or someone who works with students, you can request for a genetic counselor to meet and share more about the profession with students in grade school, high school, or college. To inquire about a genetic counselor’s availability to speak at an upcoming event with your educational institution or organization, please complete this form. A representative from NSGC will respond to your message within 7-10 business days.