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Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (J.E.D.I.)

J.E.D.I Definitions


Justice is achieved when there is equity of opportunities, freedom of choice, and access to information needed for decision-making. Achieving this vision requires active work to break down barriers and address inequalities rooted in differentials of power and privilege. At NSGC, we believe that we have a responsibility to strive to reach justice both for our society members and colleagues, as well as for our genetic counseling clients and research participants. 


We believe that equity is ensuring that opportunities, and access to opportunities, are provided to all individuals to succeed - especially individuals that are underrepresented in our profession, and underserved in healthcare and society at large. At NSGC,  this applies to both clients and colleagues. Equity is different from equality, where all groups of people receive the same number and type of resources or support, regardless of needs or circumstances. 


Diversity is understanding that each individual is unique and recognizing their personal differences, which may be visible or invisible. There are innumerable facets of diversity, including race, ethnicity, age, sex, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, disability, socioeconomic status, religion, and national origin, among others. Diversity is understanding that some differences provide privilege while others perpetuate disadvantages. At NSGC, we recognize the importance of all aspects of diversity, and we seek to create an environment and profession which is increasingly diverse and inclusive.


Inclusion is the way we create environments in which an individual or group can feel accepted, respected, and valued. Inclusivity strives to create a sense of belonging for all individuals, regardless of different identities. At NSGC, true inclusion requires that we recognize and address our biases and actively work to decrease barriers within our profession and for the communities we serve. 

NSGC J.E.D.I. Action Plan 

NSGC's J.E.D.I. Action Plan was approved by the NSGC Board of Directors in June 2022.  Kickoff of the Action Plan commenced in August 2022.  

View NSGC J.E.D.I. Action Plan

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Exeter Group’s Organization DEI Assessment of NSGC


  • We anticipate that parts of the report may be hard to read or triggering. This may cause a wide range of feelings and emotions to arise, including defensiveness. Please practice self-care and take breaks as you need. If you sense defensiveness in yourself, please question this and try not to provide feedback from a defensive place.
  • The full Exeter Group report is 300+ pages. It includes quotes and summaries of the member/staff survey findings, focus groups and stakeholder interviews. It reviews NSGC documents, policies and procedures, then closes with recommendations for NSGC. It may take significant time to read the report in its entirety.

Links to Exeter Group Report

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View a Recorded Presentation of the High-level Findings from the Exeter Group

Open Comment Period Feedback on the Exeter Group’s DEI Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to view frequently asked questions about NSGC's J.E.D.I. initiative.